My first out of state install.

n August of 2022, I (Kayanna) joined the Elizabeth Erin Designs team as a jack of all trades. One of my trades is to travel around and achieve the design vision a client wants. So with that, I will be sharing my out-of-state install checklist with you.

1. Pack any EED inventory items

Designers pull the items ahead of time to make the dream come true and then I use sticky notes and bubble wrap on plastic tubs to organize and secure the beloved pieces. I also make lists of where things are going to ensure our inventory at EED is tracked, accounted for, and organized for the designers’ ease of use!

2. Load the van 

First, I load the van with all of our items – whether that be vases, accessories, artwork, small furniture, you name it! Sometimes it feels like a big game of Tetris when so many items are being sent to an install. Secondly, I make sure all of our paperwork is in the van – this includes our floor plans and instructions on where items go and also directions to where we are going. Lastly, I make sure to load our toolboxes (or should I say suitcases). These suitcases are filled to the brim with everything we may need on an install. Things like hammers, steamers, and hemming tape are included, and we can’t forget about the 20 window treatment rods that like to travel along too! 

3. Gas and snacks

This one is an obvious necessity to fuel the big van and the designer and I, as we travel from state to state. 

4. Drive, Drive, Drive

When it comes to tackling the drive, I usually start first and try to go all the way, so the designer has car time to do computer work for other clients. With that, I usually get to pick the music. It normally starts calm and collected and as the hours pass, it turns into a party. There are also many talks about where to eat and what’s your favorite ___ questions.

5. Unpack and follow instructions 

Finally, we arrive to our destination and that’s when the vision turns into reality. We start by taking one last look around the space before we change it and soon after begin unloading all of the items from the van. Once we are unloaded and inside, we look at the floor plans and instructions. These are key to placing the items in the correct spaces. Sometimes the installs come with a challenge so we have to think quickly on our feet to make the area look great, but in the end, we make it happen as the designer intended.

By being able to do out-of-state installs, I have learned to organize better, make lists and check them five times, and overall have learned to trust my very minimal design instincts. 

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