New Drawer Organization System!

SieMatic’s new sliding drawer system

Luxury German kitchen brand SieMatic have introduced a new and improved kitchen drawer organization system to their portfolio that combines functionality and sleek lines.


SieMatic’s new accessories system boasts unusual material combinations, clearer visual lines, and a more sensual feel.

Introduced in September of this year, the launch includes a new sliding drawer system and a line of exclusive and patented aluminum interior accessories, whose new features include an efficient Flock2Block system, an extra deep king-size compartment, and a USB port that serves as a docking station for smartphones and tablets.



The sliding drawer system features an L-shaped pull-out frame with a new mechanism and subsurface runners that are arranged invisibly under the drawer bottoms. The frame, which is available in aluminum or steel, dovetails perfectly with the thin look of the end panels and countertops.



The drawers and pullouts feature innovative material combinations comprising anodized aluminum, oak or chestnut, soft flocking, and porcelain.



An extra deep king-size compartment that provides 50 percent more storage height so that large ladles and other utensils can be stored in drawers.



The Flock2Block system with velvety liners that ensure all inserts and porcelain elements remain firmly in place without slipping.



There’s also a reliable smartphone and tablet docking station on the white flocking in front of the USB port.



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