Pairing Furniture with Color Palettes

Sometimes pairing pieces of furniture with a paint color is a really hard task to complete! It’s not always easy, but with the help of your favorite interior designers, Jodi, Katie, Lexi, and Sammi, that task doesn’t have to be so difficult. The team at Elizabeth Erin Designs came up with some color palettes that pair like peanut butter and jelly with different vendors we carry.


“I chose this deep, saturated hue, Beau Green from Benjamin Moore, because I feel that it brings the outside in and will add life to any space. This hue is one of the 2019 colors of the year! It could highlight neutral statement pieces of furniture, such as the versatile two-piece sectional I have chosen bellow from a line we carry called Four Hands in accessories, on the ceiling or as a wall color. The high contrast between the light colored sectional and the deep paint color is refreshing and will create a striking combination in your home!”


“I knew I wanted to start the color palette with the blush pink tones. We recently had a lady come in to help us pick outfits that best color that suited each one of us, and I was shocked when she said mine was more of the blush pink/jewel tones. Of course, I was also pretty ecstatic since pink is one of my favorite colors. A dark tone for contrast would pair perfectly with the light of the pink, which brought in the black and dark blue. Throw in show in between grays and we have a color palette. The Santa Fe Coffee Table was the perfect piece to bring everything together. Light wood tones pop off the darks while still blend with the lights. The natural wood material also brings in a pure element to a color scheme that could quickly go too modern. It is a nice balance.”


“The design community is in a frenzy about the new 2019 trends that you’ll see over & over again this year. One of those trends is BOLD colors, which I am personally excited to see implemented this year. So, naturally, for my color scheme I decided to give the bold design a try! This Wrenn chair paired perfectly with the Sherwin Williams pre-made palette! This bold pairing worked beautifully with the chair I’ve had my eye on from a new vendor of ours, World’s Away. We picked up this vendor in early 2018 & I have fallen in love with their bold colors & high contrast designs. Truly a match made in design heaven!”


“I chose a southwestern vibe color palette curated by Sherwin-Williams. I love the warmth the neutrals provide in this color scheme, but I also love the punches of dusty blue and clay in it. I feel like it’s an edgier touch to the traditional neutrals. Since there are still neutrals in this palette, it can easily be paired with multiple different styles of furniture. The piece I picked out to go along with this southwestern color scheme is an occasional chair from our Dovetail, called the “Ceyda Occassional Chair.” The vibe that I gather from the chair is definitely southwestern, which is why it would go perfectly with the color scheme I found through Sherwin-Williams!”