All Dolled Up

I don’t think anyone ever realizes how much it takes to put a company photoshoot together. Especially when the photos have to look absolutely stunning and top-notch! It could have been really stressful, but we had so much help from some really amazing ladies and the companies they work for.

A couple of weeks ago, Missy from Innovize came into our showroom to go through piles of clothing that we had brought in for her to style us with in preparation for our photoshoot last Monday. She has this amazing ability to tell everyone what color looks best on them. It’s kind of like an awesome super power! She was so spot on with the list of outfits that she put together for everyone. Now if she could come into my home to put daily outfits together for me….

On a Monday morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we came in to work without any makeup on. Kelsi from Kelsi Ziemann Artistry (a very kind soul, we highly recommend her!) was in to do our makeup for the photoshoot. She made each of us look like movie stars! She picked the perfect makeup for each of us, right down to the perfect lip color!

We started off with taking headshots and work-action shots in the showroom. Our photographer, Paige Peterson of 3P Studio, was super awesome! Her, along with Heather from Innovize, knew the exact angles and groupings to put us all into. Everyone on board snapped and snapped, styled and styled, to make sure each picture that was taken was the absolute best.

We had an absolute blast with everyone involved! We cannot wait to see what the final product looks like!!