Shop Confidently by Defining your Design Style

Figuring out what your design style direction is can be tricky to say the least, especially if you are a mixture of several styles.  Nobody likes to make purchases only to get home and realize the item is not as great as it was in the store. Not to mention adding the dreaded task of a return to your to do list. Educating yourself on the design styles, seeing examples and creating a plan, will help you hone in on what your style is and give you confidence when making purchases for your home!

Here are 5 trending design styles with definitions and visual examples to assist you in achieving your design!


Modern interiors are probably the most popular due to their simplicity and clean lines. The streamlined furniture in an open plan with big windows is what you’ll see when you do a quick google search. Modern interiors incorporate concrete, glass, and steel into a simple, neutral color palette. The modernist design style is comfortable and simple, this is perfect if you are looking for functionality in your space.

Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse style has become extremely popular in the last couple years. You probably see a bunch of decor that fits into this style in Hobby Lobby. It includes neutral colors and rustic finishes, pops of greenery, and a mixture of different textures. Modern farmhouse is comfortable and welcoming and would make anyone feel at home.


Scandinavian design has a focus on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. It includes organic materials, clean details, and warm textiles. The color palette stays neutral with occasional pops of color from art or single pieces of furniture. The contours of Scandinavian design are curved and create a cozier feeling for even the most spacious of arrangements.

Art Deco

Art Deco is more daring than the rest of the design styles. The elegant compositions are composed of rich colors, bold geometry, and luxurious detail work. Order and symmetry are the main principles and are achieved with streamlines shapes and sleek materials. If you are looking for glamour and luxury, Art Deco is your style.

Mid-Century Modern


This retro-esque style is characterized by vivid color, natural elements, and simple, practical furniture. It is structured around common areas, emphasizing personal and social relationships. This design style is perfect for those looking to bring a fun, relaxed vibe to their space.