Spruce up your Night Stand!

Wanting to add a little something to your bedroom, feel like it’s missing something? Why not do just a small tweak by sprucing up your night stand! It’s a small change that could make a big difference!

This is a fun set up, it’s got a lot going on, but it works well together. If you are one whole like to have a full look, this could be right for you! They have the art on the wall which is the tallest piece, then the lamp on the left to offset it then the fun pear accessory on top of some books which could be a great conversation piece and then a floral to bring in that pop of color to compliment the nightstand!


Here is a simple more masculine look for that darker bedroom. They have a fun clock, which is functional yet stylish. Then they have a great white lamp and white book to bring in some lightness and tie in the bed colors as well as a gray bowl which can be used to store something you need on the nightstand or just as an accessory!


This is another simple look that goes well with the white color scheme that you can see in  the background. They have a fun geometric white lamp and then bring in color through an antique book, light blue candle, and the floral! It’s a great simple look, but really looks nice in the space!


This is another great look and way to add color, through your nightstand accessories. They have a gorgeous gold lamp that adds some height to the facade, then a black and white picture in the background with a gold border. This is of Marilyn Monroe, but you could always incorporate a family picture to make it more personal! Then they add the floral to add a little more color and it created a great complete look that really looks well with its surroundings!


Finally, we have this unique nightstand with another fun more masculine look! they have the black lamp and clock on the top, making it functional and chic. Then on the bottom they add some vintage books and an accessory to put on top of them. It’s a unique way to add more things, but not make it seem too crowded by using both levels of the nightstand!


We hope this gave you some good ideas on how to spruce up your night stand and give it a whole new look! There is such a variety of things you can do with a night stand, so we want you to find what’s best for you. If you have any other questions on what you could do, feel free to contact us!