Quick and Simple Home Accents

This week we are going to look at some ways to accent your home that are easy and quick so you don’t have to spend months on them!

First is to maybe add some architectural elements. Whoa, that sounds like a lot of work you say? Don’t worry, we found a quick and cheap way to do this! You can add moldings to your wall with pre-primed trim boards from Lowe’s or other department store and glue/nail them to your wall for a quick pick me up in the space!


Another way to add a fun accent is to spruce up a cabinet. You could take off the door of a free standing cabinet and paint the inside then add artwork and some accessories or dishware, depending on the location. Don’t make it too cluttered, and consider using objects of the same color, so clear, white, etc. It can give a great new look that is quick and simple!

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A unique way to add something new to your home is to tape some furniture piece(s) with gaffer’s tape which has a cloth like texture. You can create a fun pattern on some stools, make an accent chair, and so much more! We love this idea, it’s very unique and can surprise people when they come to your home!

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You can create more storage for yourself with fake built-ins. Get some cabinets that have a similar architectural look as your walls, paint them to match the room and add trim to make them flow! It’s a quicker and cheaper way to get the look of built-ins!


These are only a few suggestions we came up with, there are so many more DIY things you can find to do in your home for a cheap and simple accent or update!