Craft Room Ideas!

This weeks blog is focusing on craft rooms in honor of National Children’s Craft Day! We know lots of people want craft rooms, or a miscellaneous room for things, but it always seems to get cluttered and be so chaotic. No worries, we are here to help! We have found some great ideas on Pinterest and are going to share how you can do them! There are so many great ideas out there, but how do you know what’s right for you and where to get started? Well we will share a variety of ideas and give examples of how to do this yourselves!

We will start out small and go big! So there are options for everyone that can fit everyone’s budgets! This first option is great for a small budget and a small space as well! You can purchase an open shelving unit, or use one you currently have and paint it to go with the space you want it in. This is a simple solution to give your kids a great space for all of their craft supplies while also not taking up a lot of room! They go different sized containers to put their crayons, marker, colored pencils, and any other accessories they may use for a craft such as buttons or noodles! Then on the bottom shelf they got magazine holders to put coloring books, books, and paper in! These items are super cheap and can be purchased at almost any department store and make a great organizational space as well as an aesthetically pleasing look to a small craft area!

This another small option, but it has a little more to it so it would add a little more to the price. Here they got three shelving units which appear to of already had the chalkboard fronts, but this could always be something you can add to shelves you already own! They then added the names of what is in each drawer for great organization and a fun look especially for the kids! On top they have a bucket with paint brushes, scissors, and some pens. Then a jar full of crayons with colored pencils rubber banded together and finally and three tier holder with tape and yarn in it! In the back they have a fun painting of colored pencils and also a clipboard that can hold some of the crafts the kids do! This is a really fun looking space and gives off lots of color for that fun craft room look! We love the idea of showcasing some crafts, it really adds to the space. This is again a great idea for a smaller space and a smaller budget!

We got much larger now, this is a great space that could be made for kids or an adult! There is a desk space that could be meant for work or school work. Above that they got some old pieces of wood, finished them and added clips to them so they can hang up work on there! Then below they have a small organizer box with a chalkboard front that names the markers, crayons, and pencils that are inside. Moving over they added a shelf to the wall to hold much of their smaller craft materials, following some of the same ways as previous options above using jars and such to hold different items! They added clip boards to the wall to hold up lists or anything else, then some file organizers so to organize work or to prioritize what homework needs to be done! There are more organizational table top shelves to hold more items such as ribbons and buttons, as well as buckets holding scissors etc. On the far right is a small peg board section to hold more items and a few more buckets! Then below all of this are some cabinets to hold extra items or printers that you may not want to be seen! This is a great option for a large space and for lots of items!

Finally we have another large option and this one is fun because it combines an adult and child craft room! They have a desk area for the adult with shelving underneath for work items or their own craft materials that they don’t want their child getting into along with some artwork on the walls. They there is a shelf on the wall next to the desk for extra materials that the need. There they have a large shelf that is all open and able to host many different items, it’s a little hard to see what they put in all of the slots, but you could consider putting the kids stuff on the bottom shelves where they can reach and anything of yours up higher! this shelf has an extension coming out of it that can be used for multiple things and form both sides! They also added a few storage units underneath it for more of the kids items. Finally there is a small table for the kids to work on stuff and gives a great feel for the space and encourages you to share some time with your kids crafting! This is another large space as stated above, but definitely different from the other large option so it gives you a variety of ideas for what you could do in your space!

There were some great options we shared and hope that our ideas along with the pictures sparked a great idea in you! Many of these can be easy DIY projects, but we also are always willing to help with a project like this, whether its the whole thing, or just coming up with a plan on how to organize the space! Contact us if you have any questions or want to get started on a fun craft space for your home!