The Perfect Vanity for you!

Needing a space for all of your makeup, hair accessories, perfume? Well this is the blog to be at this week because we are sharing some great vanity ideas in honor of National Perfume Day! We have a great variety of options for you to look and hope you see something that sparks a great idea in you!

Here is a fun option for a small space and a low budget project! They bought a large mirror, and two shelves to go under it to store all of the stuff. They got baskets to put on the bottom shelf to hold different items and kept the top shelf mostly open for when applying makeup or doing your hair! Then they just used a stool as the seat and is a cute and great way to add a vanity without taking up too much space!


Here is another great option! They took an old desk that they weren’t using, painted it to match their space and are now using it as a vanity. Using all of the different spaces to store different items such as makeup, hair products, perfume, etc. They also have a face mirror and got another mirror to put above the desk. A great a cheap way to reuse an item and turn it into something fresh and usable again!


We loved this idea and found it to be very creative! If you don’t want your vanity out in the open, find a small nook to place it in and have curtains to cover it when needed! This is a small vanity with a cute bench to go with is and a variety of drawers to store your items!


This is a cute piece for a chic looking room! They bought their own mirror to hang above and used a small desk for the vanity. Using the drawer to store some items and put more used items on top in an organized manner. Using a chair, rug and lamp to finish it off and give it the final touches!


Here is a bigger piece for that makeup artist in you! A large desk with lots of drawers for all of your items. A cute tray to hold all of your perfumes, jars to hold makeup brushes, and a wall hanging element to hold your hair tools! They added a fun mirror with show lights to feel like you’re backstage getting ready for a great performance! This is a fun look and is great for someone who really enjoys a large vanity space and getting ready!


Finally we have this fun variety vanity! They use a bench instead of a stool, which gives it a great look! A separate mirror with lights on it as well as face mirrors and some great organizational shelves for your products. Then next to the vanity another shelf that holds most of the makeup. It’s a fun look that has a variety in the furniture, but works great all together!


Well those are our ideas on different vanities, and we hope you enjoyed! There is a great variety and in what we shared so we hope you can find the perfect piece for you!