At Home Theaters!

I am sure all of us at one point or another have thought that an at home theater would be awesome to have in your home! Well today we are going to talk about them, from simple DIY theaters to elaborately designed rooms! A great variety for everyone out there! Well, lets dig in!

We will start out with the simply DIY theater room projects. All of these are possible with just a little work! The first image is a snack cart, they just bought a buffet and added baskets/jars to hold of their movie snacks! A great simple way to store the foods you want without having to add in cabinets, etc. The next image shows a pallet base with cushions on top to create a simple home theater! Finally is a pillow room, they bought a bunch of giant pillows, put them in a dark room with a project and created a great and cozy home theater that is super simple!

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Next is a little bit more elaborate, but worth a little extra work if you want the look of a home theater! The first image they created a small counter space in a nook in the wall and added a counter to host a popcorn machine on top while they put small shelves and a mini fridge underneath to host snacks and drinks! a Great way to have it be part of the room, but not take up a ton of space. The next image has the classic home theater seats, in a room with one tier up to allow people in back to see and a large flat screen! A fairly simple plan, but it looks like a classic home theater! The last image in this group has the classic movie theater seats as well and has a tier up for the people in back to see. This one has some great architectural elements to give the feel of a nice theater you would go to!

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Starting to get a little fancier here, especially with the architectural elements in the room! The first two images showcase a sectional, which can be a simple way to create your home theater! The first image has beautiful curtains on its walls, highlighted by down lights to give it a unique look. The second image displays a starry ceiling made of LED lights that is a fun and unique element you could add to your home theater! The final image utilizes the attic space of their home with 6 large chairs and a flat screen TV. All of these are possible with some help, and could definitely be the right fit for your home!

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Finally we have some great and creative ways to make a home theater! The first is the ultimate snack bar! They make it look like a mini theater concession stand, we love how it gives off the look of a real theater! Next is a sectional in front of a flat screen that has a bar coming off the back of it for additional bar seating with a hard surface to be doing other things while watching the movie! Finally This last theater has a small stage that could be utilized for children’s play along with movie watching and could help to create at a great multi-functional space for your home!

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We hope we gave you a great variety of ideas and you could potentially see one of these theaters in your future home!