Spruce up Your Powder Room For Spring!

Needing a new look for the spring? Try adding a little something to your powder room! It’s a small space that can add a lot to your home, and a great place to impress your guests! There is such a variety you can do to this small space, but everything can make an impact! Take a loot at some of our tips and different options below.

This is a fun way to make a bold statement! Add a deep and rich color to the walls while making everything else in the space light! It adds a luxurious feel and is a simple change! Another great item in this image is the pedestal sink, this isn’t a good choice if you store lots of items, but if it’s only for the guests, it’s a great way to add another sense of luxury to the space. Make sure you provide enough lighting in a space like this so it doesn’t get too dark, but if it is done right the space will look wonderful.


Here is another simple fix to add a lot to this small space! Putting wall paper on the walls can always add a fun look, but adding texture with the wallpaper can give the space a great depth. This image below is a plain gray wallpaper, but it has a horizontal texture and it really gives depth and just adds to the overall space. This is a great option for a quick pick me up in the powder room!


Adding a bold pattern to your walls is always a fun way to add to your powder room! This image below has a great bold patter, but the colors give it a great and luxurious look. Along with the wallpaper they added wainscoting here that blends into the cabinets. It’s a great way to divide the room to allow it some depth. We love the look of wainscoting in the bathroom!


A fun way to play with texture in a powder room is to add stone to the back wall! This gives off great depth like some of the other options, but it’s a completely different look. This is great if you are wanting a more natural look for your home/powder room, it really shows off the stone! Another great feature of this room is the standalone vanity. If you have a small space, but still want somewhere to store things, getting a standalone vanity is the way to do it!


Finally we have this unique look where they put an accent tile on the back wall. So like the above option, it adds depth to the space, but this is a more luxurious look, versus the more natural look above! The sparkle in this specific tile add a fun character to the space and could really impress your guests!


We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to make your powder room shine for the spring time!