Pet Rooms for your Furry Friends!

Hey all, happy national pet day! Today we are going to look into some fun spaces for your favorite pets around the house! If you are a pet lover, well this is the place to be! We will share a variety of different ways you can make more room for your pet and their things!

Starting off on a smaller scale, are you just in need of some extra space to store their food, toys, etc.? Well check out this image, it has storage for  your pet supplies built into this cabinet so it looks nice with your whole house and there isn’t a mess everywhere! This could work for both cats and dogs, having bowls in a low drawers pull out systems and then trash cans to store food, treats, toys, other supplies, whatever your pet uses! This is a great small scale option to help declutter your home!


This image below gives a great example of a DIY way to give your pet that special  place. Whether dog, cat, bunny, or something else, this could work great for you! Take the nook under your stairs that isn’t being used and find some great pet accessories such as a bed, rug, toys, and gate. You could decorate the walls as this one shows, you could add their name sign, put of pictures of you and them, whatever you think your pet would like. This is a great way to make them feel more like a part of the family, they have their very own room! This is a fun and simple way to create a space for your pet and it is also a great way to put your pet somewhere when there is company without having to put them in their kennel!


This is a similar option to the one above, but showcases how it can be used for multiple pets! If you have more than one, there is always room! Put in 2 beds but still add the fun pictures or name tags! These are some fun and easy DIY options that could be an easy transition for you in your home and give your pets things a great home so there is less clutter all over the house!


Don’t have a nook under your stairs available? How about and empty wall? You can get these great mud room like shelves and put a bed in each nook of that for your pets and put each of their items in baskets above! It’s a great way to not take up too much room and still have that great place to store items and give your animal their own space!


Needing a better place to give them baths? How about adding in a small showering area to your mud room, or laundry room? It’s a great way to give your pet a bath during warm and cold weather! You can add some great tile to make it flow with the rest of the room and it can look great! This is a bigger project but it could definitely be worth it in the end, especially if you have a dog and they have messy paws after coming in from outside! You can keep your house clean and make your dog happy!


Finally we have this extravagant room. If you have an extra room in your home and don’t know what to do with it? Why not dedicate it to your pet? You can design it to flow with the rest of your house so it seamlessly fits into the facade of your home! This example if for dogs, so they have different stalls for each of them and then a lounge area in the center. You could do something similar for cats, create separate beds for each of them but then have cat tree instead of dog beds in the lounge area! There are so many fun options you could do with an entire room for you pet!


We hope you enjoyed our ideas and maybe want to make that special place for your pet now! Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want us to create a design that you see!