Creative Entryways!

Wanting a new look for your entryway? Well today we are going to provide some unique ways to design your entryway that can work perfectly with your home! Whether you’re building a home now, doing a remodel, or just want to redecorate, we have some great options for you!

First up we will start with a simple look! This is a fun look for a rustic home and for someone who wants to display pictures of their family! By making an accent wood wall in a horizontal pattern with simple frames in a row on top of it will create a simple yet chic look for your entryway!


Wanting some bold pieces in your entryway? Why not try a giant mirror? Then to help with some storage find a large vase and a small stool or pouf in some fun bold colors to add alongside the mirror . This can create a fun bold and exciting look for your guests when they enter your home!


Wanting bold pieces but muted colors? That’s possible too! You can always find a simple large mirror in a neutral tone to go along with other neutral accessories such as pillows, a bench, vases, candle holders, etc. This can create a very elegant look for the entrance into your home that your guests will love!


Wanting something a little more unique? How about adding a small nook near the entry door and make an accent wall on the back of it! You could add storage underneath as shown here, but utilize it for shoes instead of books. You could do an accent wood wall as shown here, or find a fun wallpaper to create that perfect look for you!


Do you like all of the accessories, but really need more storage? How about something like the image below! Creating a locker type of look with hooks and storage underneath. With that however, providing a bench for seating as well as a shelf on top to display some of those accessories you like! It’s a win win for a busy household that needs storage but the want for elegance and accessorizing as well!


That’s it for our tips for the week! We hope you enjoyed our ideas and will come back next week for another helpful an idea filled blog!