How to Set a Beautiful Table!

Welcome back everyone! This week we are going to go over some ideas on how to create a beautiful table set up. Whether its for a Christmas dinner, birthday party, or and outdoor grill out with your friends, you can always find a way to create the perfect table set!

This first set is to show that dark can be really fun and elegant! Don’t be afraid to go with a dark color scheme sometimes, especially if it goes with the theme of the event. You can always add a pop of a lighter color to brighten it up, like how they brought in the gold here. The dark makes everything look very put together with a chic feel that could be great for your next event!


For something that really pops, add a bright colored napkin in between white dinner and salad plates. It gives off a bold look that really stands out and can really make your place setting! this example below uses a pink napkin in between white plates and then utilizes a stripe background that makes a bold statement as well!


Using patterns in multiple places or using different patterns in the same place setting can be fun! It’s always good to mix and match sometimes. Don’t be afraid to mix patters, just make sure they look good together and it can make for a really fun atmosphere at the table!


Looking for something a bit more simple? If you have a wood table, utilizing all white can give off a really elegant and simple look! As the image below displays, they used mostly white, but with a little mixture of clear object to give some depth within the space. This is a great way to impress your guests without having to go over and above with the set up and decorations!


Wanting to do something a bit more fun for that casual dinner party? Try chalkboard place mats! You can use them to show where people sit as well as a fun space to doodle during dinner. This is a fun option for a kids birthday party as well, while waiting for their food they can entertain themselves by drawing on their won personal chalkboard!


Planning a party outside and worried about the wind? How about tying a string or ribbon around the napkin and placing the silverware inside that! It’s a great way to still have a nice place setting, but not having to worry about the wind and if things will blow away!


That’s it for our ideas this week! We hope you enjoyed and are able to use one or more of our tips when planning your next event!