Staging Spaces with Odd Shapes and Multiple Functions!

At Elizabeth Erin Designs we have many clients each with their own particular and varied reasons for needing our assistance. In a recent staging we needed to make sense of an abnormally shaped room, and make a room function as well as serve a path between other rooms. It was a fun challenge and turned out beautifully.


After picture of the living room:415911_em3 The house was vacant, and the owner asked us to lightly stage most of the house with window treatments and accessories. We did a little more in two rooms to help buyers visualize the vacant room furnished.

Before pictures of the bedroom:IMG_5167-1


The upstairs bedroom was small and oddly shaped with a shallow hall and a closet at the end. Before staging the house, we came up with a couple different variations on how to set up the space and decided on one that would work best. On the actual day of staging we arranged the room so it would photograph well, and then moved it the way we planned for tours of the home. A big part of staging is knowing what looks best for online marketing and photos for someone who’s never seen the space in person.

After picture of the bedroom:415911_kt1 The living room presented less of a challenge as far as the shape, but was more about picking the correct furniture to show off the space in the best light. It was large with doors on two walls and a fireplace on another, this blocked off a lot of the floor space in the room for walk ways as people needed access to the various rooms and closets adjoining the living room. We chose a low backed sofa so that the space didn’t seam divided, and accent chairs to bring the space together without losing useable space. The room needed to function not only as a family room but also a formal living room so it needed to have conversation space where a tv wasn’t the focus of all the seating.

Before picture of the living room:IMG_5146-1

After we staged the property it got an offer that week from someone who loved the staging and fell in love with the look.

After picture of the living room: