Upcycling a Mirror to a Chalkboard!


Jodi and the girls up-cycled an old mirror into a fun new chalkboard! Check out the behind the scenes of how they did it.

This was the mirror before:


Taking it apart.
IMG_5042 Separating the back from the mirror.IMG_5043 They then took off the mirror part off completely.IMG_5044 And spray painted the frame a fun new color!IMG_5046 They painted the old back with chalkboard paint.IMG_5047And voila!IMG_5048The new chalkboard is hanging up on the side of the fridge and being used as a menu to show the meals for the week! Up-cycling is a great way to get use out of old things that aren’t being used as much anymore, and also a great way to save money. Instead of going out and buying a new chalkboard they were able to inexpensively convert the mirror to something more useful and fun!