Successful Shopping

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Now here we are headed right into June!  We have not announced it yet, but we have partnered with B3 Builder’s to complete their Home Show house for the Home Builder’s Association Home Show Expo 2014 in Norwalk.  The event will take place the last 3 weeks in July and we are so very excited.  We came on to the project a little later then we did on the ones last year so it’s crunch time for shopping, but because of the vast amount of experience we learned from the two we did last year, we are more prepared which will make the outcome more successful.

I wanted to share some tips, that we have learned to make your shopping experience more of success, so here goes:

1. Make a list with notes on your smart phone or in print, or in my case both because I have to have a back up plan when my smart phone decides to not be smart!

2. Bring photos of furniture with close up pictures of the fabric for coordinating rugs, lamps and accessories, before you going out shopping.  This will save time so you don’t have to make returns.

3. Be open to new ideas or alternatives pieces.  I happen to be an impulsive buyer on things I really think I need/want.  Waiting doesn’t always pay off, but in this last shopping trip I want to purchase a setts that would have been to large for the space I needed it to go in, but Jordin did not give me the “go for it look”.  I waited and we found a similar piece at another store that ended up working great!

4.  Which brings me to my fourth tip, bring a shopping buddy.  Discuss your budget with them and the pieces you are looking for.  Show them your smart phone photos and list so they can keep their eyes peeled.

5.  After you show your buddy the list and he/she states there is no way you will find and item and it will be better off purchased on line.  Then you FIND IT during your trip, it is customary to jump up and down in the store yelling your shopping buddy’s name and totally rub it in her face.  In a loving way, bring it up at lunch and a few more times during the trip so he/she doesn’t forget you where right and miracles happen.  You can also find a way to blog about so the fact you were right and he/she was wrong stays out to the universe forever.  Thanks for being a good sport Jordin!

I hope you enjoyed the tips.  Save the dates for the Home Show Expo 2014 in Norwalk Friday, July 11-Sunday, July 27.  Happy successful shopping!


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