The Winds Of Change Are Blowing

This month I was going to write about how cold the weather is and how I cannot believe that it got this cold so fast, blah blah blah…There is nothing we can do about the weather so there is no use in complaining about it!  Instead wanted to share with you all a new transition that is happening with our company.

On Tuesday October 7th around noon my office manager Alyssa, who had been with us for almost three years,  told me that she needed to leave Elizabeth Erin Designs to take a position with another company.  At first I thought, “It’s going to be okay I can just do the office job and mine for a while.”  But after a couple of weeks with little sleep and too many pots of coffee to count, I realized it was time to get serious about finding a replacement. 

It takes a special person to be my office manager, so I wanted to take my time in finding the best fit. Then I thought, “Where in the world am I going to find this ‘special person’ to be able to put up with the craziness of this business, and me?”

I prayed for God to send me someone with all the qualifications that I wanted in this office manager. But it kind of felt like I was asking for something very unrealistic, like when I was praying for a husband many moons ago! God blessed me with my amazing husband, so I knew he would help me find the perfect office manager for Elizabeth Erin Designs!

After I prayed, being the micro manager that I am, I decided to “help” God out and by spreading the word to some amazing business woman I know.  I sent them the qualifications I was looking for and information about the position. From this, I learned that if I need help it doesn’t hurt to ask for it. These women were amazing and I received 13 applications which I narrowed down to three and then to just one.

God did answer our prayers and we are blessed to welcome Ashley Cron to Elizabeth Erin Designs! 

We are easing her into the full time position and are so ecstatic that she is coming on this crazy journey with us. I am also blessed because Alyssa is training her. Alyssa is helping her out mostly to decipher my handwriting, learn tricks of the trade, and how to do the accounting aspects with the software we use called Quickbooks.  So if you call the office and Ashley answers the phone, welcome her aboard! 

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you and your family!

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