Reupholstering with Riana at Repinned

There are some things that never go out of style, like the “little black dress”. The same can be said about the Wing Back Chairs in interior design. This style of chair can be masculine in leather for the rustic male or feminine in floral or gender neutral in fabulous geometric.

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For many of use we inherit furniture from a relative or find a great deal second hand but its fabric leaves something to be desired. They have great foundations to build from and classic style. So the same question is always contemplated, “Do I let the piece go and buy new or invest in reupholstery?”

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Quality and sentimental attachment should be taken under great consideration when making your decision. A new chair may cost less then recovering but not last as long as older higher quality furniture. There is also something to be said  about the history behind a piece. Almost every client that brings in a piece to my shop can tell me its history. They share their stories about how they came to have it and why its special to them. By reupholstering their piece they are able to continue their its story for years to come.

Another thing to consider when making your decision is the Fabric. With reupholstery you are not limited to factory designs. You literally have thousands of designs to choose from, There are even sites where you can upload your own design and they will create and ship the fabric to you. Heavy weight upholstery fabric is typically $20-$70 per yard. Making the standard wing back chair $450-$700. When doing on online comparison I found wing back chairs anywhere from $300-$2,000. So its far to say reupholstery is not always more expensive.

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As a professional Redesigner of classic furniture, I like to mix something old with something new. This allows us to save antique/classic/vintage pieces from our landfills and adds what I consider one of a kind functional art to your home. After all our homes are an extension of our unique personalities so why not have your furniture convey that to guests.

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This post was written by Riana at Repinned who is a go-to for our client’s reupholstering needs. Thanks Riana!

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