Three Season VS Four Season Porches

Wanting to add a new space to your house? How do you decide if you want a three or four season space? Here are a few tips on how to make that decision easier and where to get started!


First off you will want to sit down and decide what you want your space for. Do you want a new place to serve meals, an entertainment space, and relaxing place to watch nature? There are so many different options; you just have to decide what works best for you! Making this first decision will help get you started for you next step in transforming your house.

Next you will want to decide when you want to use your porch. Do you want it all throughout the year, or only during certain times of the year? This is the big determining factor on whether you get a three or four season porch.


If you want the nice breeze from the outdoor sweeping into your porch maybe you will want a three season porch. Finding good quality outdoor furniture and accessories can help to keep this space nice during all types of weather. You can always add exterior fans or an outdoor fireplace to accommodate temperatures. Screening in the porch is a good way to avoid any bad weather conditions and make it useable three seasons out of the year.

If you want a space that is accessible all throughout the year, especially in the weather conditions Iowa gives us, you will want to have a fully enclosed space. To make it feel like the outdoors, enclose it with all windows so you can a great view to the outdoors. You can add air conditioning and heating to accommodate all types of temperatures, but you won’t have to worry about any weather conditions.


Finding the perfect space that meets your needs is only a few steps away. Find some great inspiration pictures, bring them to a designers, and they can make your dream porch a reality!