Unique Garage Designs

Welcome back, this week we are taking a look into ideas on how you can change up your garage! Whether it’s just to organize it better, make it the ultimate man cave, and add an additional room to your house, or a fun space for the kids to hang out. We have found it all and are excited to show it to you!

There are some great ways to reorganize your garage. Check out these two photos of shelving units that were added in to store whatever the person needed. They look really nice and sleek, plus there is still room for your car!

g1                g3

Wanting to create the ultimate man cave? Check out these two ideas, one with some gaming tables and a pool table. And this one with a flat screen TV, a lounge area, and still room the car! These are some really fun spaces; I sure would enjoy playing some pool in that creative garage space!

g4                   g8

Are you wanting to make a space to help with a business that you’re running out of your home? Check out these images of a craft room for someone doing a lot of crafts and sewing. Also this room that looks like a home office out of the garage, a nice way to get away from any other distractions. They utilized some great storage so there is plenty of room to do what they need in their space. Such fun and creative spaces!

g5                 g11

Wanting to breakout that new gym in your house? Why not put it in the garage? Check out this awesome workout room in the garage of someone’s house. There is so much room and the perfect place to put that gym that you’ve been wanting!


Or do you want to create an extra living space? Check out these three really great unique ways to add an extra room to your home by just putting it in the garage. The first is a dining space with a small lounge area, lots of plants and  it can be opened up into the outdoors. The next is an awesome living room with a television and a small bar area with some great views! Finally, the living room kitchen combo is awesome! There is so much space, it is like a small apartment, you could even make it into a guest house for when you have visitors.

g6              g7


There are so many different options of ways to vamp up your garage; these are only the tip of the ice burg for remodels! Take these inspirations and create the perfect space for you in your garage! Elizabeth Erin Designs is always here to help; we would love to create a fun new space for you in your garage!