Watermelon Themed Rooms and Furniture

Happy National Watermelon Day! We hope everyone is having a great summer and definitely enjoying some watermelon during this fantastic time of year! This week we decided to do a fun post about watermelon, and what kind of watermelon themed rooms and furniture are out there, let’s take a look!

To start off let’s look at the themed rooms. This first one is a cute little girl’s room with bright colors and a fun summer vibe! I love the hexagon shelves, really adds to the space. This is one of the more tamed watermelon themed rooms we found here at the office!


On to the next room, this one has some watermelon wallpaper to finish off the room, looks like another little girls bedroom, pretty subtle on the watermelon as far as we can tell..!


Now we are getting a little bolder with the theme, this bedspread is full on watermelon. It even has pillows to match!


Finally, the craziest room we found is this bathroom. Floors, walls, and ceiling all out in watermelon! Bright pink walls with a green border above and seeds to finish it off! Can you believe how far people will go with their themes, so bright!


Now let’s take a look at some furniture we found, indoor and outdoor, oh and your dog can even join in on the watermelon fest! Check out this dog bed shaped like a watermelon, perfect to go with those watermelon pillows you have!


These egg shaped watermelon chairs are really interesting, although not sure where we would use them…how about you?


Or what about these outdoor watermelon pieces, this fun lawn chair, or the picnic table and benches? Perfect for a summer in the sun with one of the best summer fruits! What do you think is the craziest watermelon themed room or furniture we found, or have you seen others? Post them in the comments on Facebook and let’s see what you found! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, stop back next week for another blog post!10 9