Week in the life of a designer!

Have you ever been curious about what a week of Elizabeth Erin Designs, a small interior design firm, looks like? Well you are in luck because I am going to dish out all the details! The particular week I am going to write about is when my mother was in town. Naturally, I volunteered her to assist me throughout the week. You will see we look nothing alike, lol.

Our week starts out with some travel near Knoxville, Tennessee. A couple weeks prior I had a past client from Des Moines, Iowa reach out to me for some design assistance on her new home in Tennessee. She had been on social media and saw that Elizabeth Erin Designs is now nationwide and wanted to know if we could assist her. After being contacted, my team and I scheduled a trip to go from Florida to Tennessee! We recommend that you also follow us on social media, Facebook and Instagram, so you to can see what we are up to and get inspired!

Sunday: My mom and I drove all the way to Tennessee to visit this clients space. A little background knowledge for you before we begin, as it will come into play later: I made my mom and I a couple of sandwiches, packed our favorite coffee cream and snacks. I am super picky about my creamer, so yes when I travel, if I can, I bring it with me. Having my own creamer brings me the comfort of home while traveling. Now that you know that, thank goodness our drive was uneventful but still filled with many good moments. We got a lot of mom daughter time in and had many phone calls with friends and family we hadn’t spoken to in a while. While traveling I had one of the two sandwiches I made for a late lunch early dinner, so for dinner we decided to have a relaxing cup of tea to wind down. I don’t know about any of you but personally I get weird about eating to much while I am traveling via plane, train or car. I don’t like that full feeling.

Monday: We got up early, made our coffee and enjoyed our coffee creamer I brought. I put my assistant, also known as my mother, in charge of packing up the food we brought with us including our creamer into the cooler. We then finished our driving to our clients location. The client, my mom, and I had our consultation to make sure we were on the same page for the remodel, over all style, selections and budget. While I measured the each space, I tasked my lovely assistant to take photos of each room we were going to be working on from every corner. She did such a great job with it! After finishing, I soon realized I had not really eaten dinner the night before or breakfast this morning, so we hit the road around 1pm and noticed that I was getting a little bit hangry.

Then, I remembered the extra sandwich I had packed and thought it sounded great. I kindly asked my assistant, to reach in to the cooler she packed to grab it. She handed it to me and I took a bite, it was so soggy and sweet something was way wrong. I tried my best to keep us on the road as I was gagging trying to get the soggy disgusting sandwich out of my mouth and somewhere safe. My only deduction was that my assistant threw all the items into the cooler bag haphazardly so that the cap to the coffee creamer popped open. I’m just saying that french vanilla flavored turkey sandwiches will not be an ice cream flavor that you will see in your grocery stores soon!

Tuesday: After all the traveling I was really looking forward my morning in the office answering emails and sipping on a nice cup of coffee with the last drops of the creamer. Later in the morning I was privileged enough to join a power house of networkers that meets at Beach Worx in Destin. I adore this group of people and the speakers. I always leave feeling energized, uplifted and full of knowledge. Going is like a breath of fresh air and and I have serious FOMO when I am traveling and can’t make it in person or tune in virtually, it’s that amazing of a group! For lunch I met with a power couple that invests in faction rentals to talk more about the process so we can be a value add to those clients. After lunch was a meeting with my marketing team, Ally and MJ from Rebel out of Omaha, Nebraska and Racheal Graham from Green house Creative to discuss changes to our website. We also discussed our progression on new templates and systems we will be implementing to elevate the EED Process. I topped of the night with some ladies at a joint Chamber meeting with Fort Walton Beach and Walton Beach at the Destin Convention Center. Here we had some great conversations, networked and relaxed with a signature drink that was delicious – vodka, lemonade, blackberry and mint!

Wednesday: After an amazing night sleep and a nice morning walk with my neighbors dog, I began the work day with a new client, a face you might
remember, my twin AKA, my mother, on her bathroom remodel. We worked through some changes to the design she is super excited to see, stay tuned! I
had an impromptu new client contact me and I was able to drop what I was working on and meet them on site to review the project so I could provide a proposal to them. As I am writing this, they just signed the contract for us to get started on the project. I’m excited to get the team working on this commercial site as they did a good job with getting basic needs met, but we are going to come in and give the space some personality that it’s begging for to elevate this firm to the next level!

Thursday: The majority of the day I went to one of my favorite coffee shops called Fernweh to interview candidates for our new office assistance position in Florida. It was a wonderful experience to meet so many amazing women, but I could only take one of them, and I am so excited for Alicia to get started and for everyone to meet her. I even told Alicia to make sure she eats her Wheaties! After the interviews, I was able to squeeze in a little email time with another helper this week, my grandbaby! I cannot believe he is almost one years old! The end of my days on Thursday’s have to be my favorite. All the designers get on a ZOOM call and we review all our clients and projects to see where we are and all collaborate on the designs. It’s where all the behind the scenes magic happens with collections and ideas flowing, quite a beautiful way to end our Thursday’s!

Friday: My most favorite Friday on the month is First Friday Coffee Meeting with the Fort Walton Beach Chamber. Everyone should be able to experience the magic that happens at this meeting. I was wowed at my first meeting and the excitement has not ended. The amount of networking and business that happens at this meeting is a sight to behold and this is always one event you don’t want to miss as it is attended by 300-400 people each month! We start with the pledge of allegiance, a prayer, and then the show begins. The meeting is led by Ted, who may or may not have been a stand up comedian in another lifetime and it goes on from there.

After that, we had our virtual TEAM meeting supporting our teams, the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones. ISU there’s always next year! When the meeting was over, I took the rest of the day to work on designs and get set up for the next week!

I hope you enjoyed following my week and enjoyed the insight of what it is like running Elizabeth Erin Designs. If you learned nothing else, note that turkey sandwiches and creamer don’t pair well! Please follow us on social media to stay on top of all the exciting things we have planned for the rest of 2023 and what will be coming up in 2024. I wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy start to the holiday season with friends and family. Cheers everyone and let us know what you want to learn about. Your can reach out via social media, send us an email or give us a jingle. I love talking about what you guys want to learn about. I’m sure if you have thought of it, someone else is wondering as well, so share!