Reasons you can’t seem to relax at home and tips on how to combat them!

Picture this: You come home from work to a clean home, you light your favorite candle, and you snuggle up on the couch next to those you love to watch a good movie. Doesn’t that sound nice and relaxing? Your home should feel this way – a good majority of the time. As designers, one of the common complaints we hear our clients having about their homes, is that they just can’t seem to relax at home.

We can definitely relate to this – it always feels like there’s something we should be doing, organizing or cleaning. It can be hard to keep a home in a relaxing state, but after all – shouldn’t our homes be our safe space, where we can feel relaxed and in control? Here’s some common reasons why you probably can’t seem to relax at home and how to combat them!

#1: Clutter

One common thing we see in our clients who can’t relax is the amount of clutter they have in their homes. We know how much of a trap this one can be – we’ve all collected memorabilia, kids’ art projects from over the years, and the prom dresses we wore 20+ years ago stashed away in a closet. Our biggest tip here is to dedicate a weekend to tackling the clutter. Although that weekend may feel long, and it may be hard to get rid of things, your future self will thank you! A good rule of thumb is that if the item hasn’t served you, brought you joy, or you haven’t used it in the last year, you can probably get rid of it!

Also – keep your horizontal surfaces clean – tabletops, countertops, etc. This simple trick will make coming home from a long day a lot more welcoming. When there is clutter out on surfaces, it makes you feel like you constantly have something to tidy. Make sure everything has a dedicated, purposeful place. 

#2: Cleanliness

Another problem area within a home is the cleanliness. This has less to do with clutter and more to do with how surface areas are maintained and kept fresh. While it can be hard to keep a home clean, the best way we can recommend is to get ahead of the list and to make good daily habits, so that chores don’t pile up and make one longer cleaning session. Also, if your budget allows, consider hiring a cleaning service. This can make life so much easier for those of us who work long hours and the last thing we want to do when arriving home is clean the kitchen or mop the floors.

#3: Temperature & Smell

Since these two both deal with our senses, we’ve grouped them together. When it comes to temperature within a home, this can really alter the way we feel and how relaxed we are. If you are feeling uncomfortable, consider adjusting the temperature within your home and see if that makes a difference. Secondly, if you can’t seem to relax, adjust the smell. Throw away any garbage or funky smelling foods in your fridge. Light up a couple good candles, plug in some wax melts, or turn on an oil diffuser and see if that can’t help you relax a bit. 

We hope these quick tips really open your eyes to why you may not be able to relax at home. If you want a bigger fix, consider switching up the decor and design within your home. Contact us for assistance in achieving your vision, and in the mean time check out some of our old blogs that deal with creating more relaxing spaces – Creating A Harmonious Home, How to Create a Calming Home with your 5 Senses, and Desiring A Spa-Like Feeling in Your Bathroom? Here’s 3 Tips!

Have a beautiful week!