Unplug From Life To Find Your Reasons To Be Thankful/Grateful!

On my to-do list, today is to write my yearly Thankful Blog for Elizabeth Erin Designs.  To be honest, I am just not feeling it.  Life feels a little foggy and heavy from time to time.  To be honest,  I’m hoping to have a light bulb moment while writing today.  Where something clicks and I can figure out how to be unplugged in a plugged-in world.  One thing I know for certain is that I am not the only one who feels like this.  You see I just returned from an unplugged trip.  Unplugged from life, unplugged from specific distracting technology, unplugged from reality in a sense.  The reason I call it my “unplugged trip” is because when technology doesn’t work and you call for help, the first thing they ask you is, did you unplug it (your phone, your computer, you name it) and plug it back in?  When I do the technology item resets and inevitably works better.  I went to a remote house in the woods in NC to unplug me, so that when I got back and I plugged myself back into life, I would hopefully work, better…be better.

 I didn’t have my phone on or my nemesis computer, or my TV for 6 days.  I did have running water and electricity. I was surrounded by nature, in a beautifully and thoughtfully designed home as you can see from the photos, and the best blanket a girl could ask for.  It envelopes your body in a cocoon of stillness, softness, and security.  I named my blanket Linus on this trip because there was not a part of the house I was in without him.  This includes curling up in the morning on the outside sofa watching the deer and squirrels play and forage for food.  Fortunately, there is no picture of that (no phone, no camera, no evidence), but you can click HERE and find your own Linus and I highly recommend you do it or put it on your Christmas list it will be something you are very thankful for!

The trip was rejuvenating and was so much more instructional than I thought it would be.  It made me realize that I need to do a little more unplugging and more often. As refreshing as the trip was I realize that the best part of the trip was planning it and sharing my intentions with other people.  When I told people what I was doing I typically got two different reactions, one was “There is no way I could go without my phone/computer to TV for that long.  Let me know how that went for you!” Or “That is the most heavenly idea.  I’m so happy that you are doing that for yourself.  I wish I could do that!”.  The thing is we can do this.  We can do anything that is important to us and our souls.  I’m grateful I listened and worked towards making it happen. 

I was able to embrace the quiet and reflect on anything that came to my mind.  I created a vision board for myself and Elizabeth Erin Designs.  It’s almost impossible for me to separate myself from Elizabeth Erin Designs.  I am Elizabeth Erin Designs and Elizabeth Erin Designs is me.  I am authentically me and that passion spills into Elizabeth Erin Designs and vice versa. What I do matters.  It matters to my soul, it matters to my clients, employees, and family.  Everything blurs together like a watercolor painting and to keep them separate goes against the way I was designed.  I grabbed some magazines for reading as well as to create my vision board.  I am grateful I found Bella Grace magazine.  It resonated with where I am today and filled my soul with so much love and light through the words, worksheets, and photography.  It’s the perfect blend of innocence, nostalgia, grace, kindness, love and light. 

Here is one of the quotes from Bella Grace that really resonated as I was making my vision board for myself blended with Elizabeth Erin Designs and what kind of vibe we wanted to put into the world. It speaks to the marks we leave on this world.  With interior design, we think of the literal marks through our designs that we leave to beautiful the worlds and the lives of people who live in the spaces we help to create. But it also speaks to the relationships we build with our clients, vendors, and our EED family.  Here comes the light bulb moment…I feel like early on in business I got lost and was focused on words only and not on my actions.  That is not how I want to be anymore.  I want my words and actions to match and want those to be from light and love to lift others up.

“You might think that you don’t matter in this world, but because of you, someone now likes themselves a little bit more because you made a passing comment that made them feel good.  Someone has read a book you recommend and they got lost in the pages.  Someone has remembered a joke you told them that made them smile to themselves on the bus.  Someone has tried on an outfit and felt beautiful because you complimented them on it.  Never think you don’t have an impact, your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from the little marks of kindness you’ve left on the world”-Unknown.

Here is where graces come in and the bulb gets brighter because once I returned I was back to all the old habits and the effects of my unplugging trip seemed to have faded I have a longing for that feeling again to feed my soul so I can be the best human I can be.  I am just making the connection that it goes deeper than just the peace I felt on my unplugged trip, but maybe the real question is how can Elizabeth Erin Designs be the lighthouse to spread peace and light.  I am grateful for grace and the times that are required.  Those shadow times point you in the direction of growth. Because no one is going to create that peace for you or within you, it has to emanate from you.  Sometimes it’s just hard to figure out where to start and it’s okay not to know where to start, give yourself grace and be grateful for where you are.  Even if the day doesn’t go as planned and you find yourself on the sofa with Linus writing a Blog and searching for your lightbulb moment to move yourself towards light and love…

If you were inspired by my story and would like to unplug as well or want to share your favorite place to unplug please let me know.   HERE is a link to the airbnb I stayed at if anyone wants to check it out.  There are so many great places out in this big world.  I would like to encourage all to take one hour or many hours and leave themselves unplugged to recharge and become a better version of themselves.  If we all become better versions of ourselves think of the impact to this world to be the best humans we can be to each other.  You never know what one small act of kindness can do for someone.  We are all struggling with something and we all could use a little more light and love in this crazy world.  Let’s start with ourselves and watch the light spread!  

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