What is Scandinavian interior design? – bringing hygge to your home

Scandinavian interior design—whether you’ve seen it in an IKEA catalog, minimalist blogs, or your friend’s living room, you probably are familiar with how this popular home design style feels. It’s clean, crisp, inviting, and calming yet has plenty of interest. But what is Scandinavian design, really?

As the name suggests, Scandinavian design originates from Scandinavian countries – including Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Scandinavian style captures the balance between comfort and minimalist characteristic that this design centers around. As one of the interior design styles that shaped (and grew with) modern interior design in the 20th century, some of its features resemble modernism.

One word that you may hear when people talk about Scandinavian design is hygge – a Danish word meaning a cozy and content feeling. Comfort and functionality is huge in Scandi style (the harsh, northern European winters had a lot to do with this).

A typical Scandinavian room on the most basic level will be bright and calming. The color palette is typically neutral. When there are colors, however, they tend to be incorporated through accents and are still neutral-ish like blush, grey/blue, or sage.

Some typical structural features of Scandinavian include bare wood floors, with light, ashy wood being the most popular variety. You can also expect to see a lot of white brick.

Another very common feature of Scandinavian style is a lack of clutter. You won’t see a lot of little knickknacks laying around in a super Scandi home. These homes are either very minimalist in nature, or they contain clutter in very organized way or with invisible storage.

We hope this rundown on all things Scandinavian interior design was helpful! If you are wanting to redesign your space and incorporate some Scandinavian touches to make your space feel really homey, contact us today!