Who Needs A Break? Inspiration To Create a Spa-like Master Bedroom!

As I am asking this question, I am raising my hands, waving high in the air, and jumping up and down screaming – me, me! I know I am not the only one who needs a place to retreat to and recharge from this crazy day, week, month and year. This, coupled with the fact that we are around our family/housemates a lot more than usual these days, makes creating a spa-like retreat in your master bedroom all the more important.   

Give yourself permission to create a safe place away from your day, kids, and life in general, to take a time to rest and recharge so that you can live your best life! So sit back, relax, and get inspired to transform your existing master bedroom into a spa-like retreat! 

When I think of a spa, these words come to my mind: flowing water, luxury, trees, soothing colors, slow breathing, lavender, fresh air, and wellness. Revisit these words when incorporating or deciding on new selections. Start thinking about where the focal point will be in your bedroom, when in doubt go with the headboard wall! 

What I love about this image is the luxurious white bedding, light walls, floor lighting, and artwork frames.  It feels modern, warm, soft and fresh. The subtle touch of the eucalyptus branches in the soft blue vase brings a calm energy of life into the space. The blue background of the artwork plays off the vase. This space definitely says, “Come in, relax, and stay while!”  

A mix of East meets West is the perfect compliment to this spa-like room. The large window with the view, is a beautiful back drop and makes the headboard wall a beautiful accent wall.  With custom vinyl wallpaper easier to come by, you could easily have a view like this created for behind your headboard – frame it, back light it, and voila! The darker wood tones, nickel inset frame, and hardware on the night stands all add a lightness and luxurious touch. The lighter textured rug plays with the smoother dark wood floors and darker occasional furniture pieces. Then you get a touch of color in the blush pink/lilac color in the bedding.  

You cannot help to think modern beach when looking at this spa-like view. Again, we have an accent wall on the headboard wall. I love the texture of the art pieces above the bed and the textured fabric that was used as the headboard and foot board, it’s a play on tree bark. The deep blue navy accent pillows work well with the blue hues in the artwork. This bedroom whispers fresh air, wellness, and slow breathing.  

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