Why We Recommend Every Homeowner Should Have A Verbal Consultation Before Selling

Getting your house ready for today’s real estate market can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Right now, several homeowners are choosing to list their properties early due to the current “hot” market. Most who were looking to sell their house in a few years, are now looking to sell in a few months. This can put a lot of added pressure on sellers to make sure everything is done right. We highly recommend that every homeowner considers a staging service before listing. Staging is a key marketing tool to help your property sell faster and for the top dollar. Staging does not necessarily mean removing all of your items and having brand new ones put in. More times than not, a verbal consultation is exactly what our designers recommend.

A quick run down: A verbal consultation is typically a two hour appointment with one of our designers. We walk through the home space-by-space (interior and exterior) and tell you exactly what we recommend to show your property at its maximum potential. YOU, the client, are the one responsible for taking notes to reference later when actually implementing our suggestions. Our designer could just as easily write down our recommendations for you, but our notes won’t be as useful as something in your own words. Taking your own notes during the consultation also means you are more engaged and more likely to understand what we are explaining.

At the end of the consultation, we will always recap all of the recommendations we discussed throughout the appointment, helping you prioritize which ones will give you the most bang for your buck. This gives you a straightforward to-do list and a starting point so you are not left wondering where to begin when we leave. You are also left with your designer’s contact information. As you start to implement their recommendations, feel free to reach out to ask any questions or to confirm you are on the right path. We love hearing from you and staying up to date throughout your process!

One of my favorite things to hear a client say after a consultation is “Wow, I had never even thought of that.” That phrase is my goal for each consultation I have with a client. When you are living in your own home, you start to only see the space in the ways you use it. You stop seeing all the potential possibilities that it holds. My job as a professional designer is to bring in a fresh perspective; a perspective that concentrates on how potential buyer’s are going to view your property. 

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