10 Hot New Dinner…Settings That Is

Been looking for a simple way to jazz up the dinner table? Have a party coming up? Family coming into town? Or just because you want to! These are all great reasons to bring a little attention to the table! Check out our ten picks for your new dinner table! Whether you are plain and simple or enjoy bold colors, there is such to be something that speaks to you!


#1 Simple and Classic – Not sure where to begin? Make a statement by starting simple. Your table with look clean and sophisticated. Go for more of a classic theme with round dishes or go more modern with square dishes.

simple                    simple square no background


#2 Bold Colors – These are great for energy! They will instantly add a fun and exciting personality to your space. Keep them color coordinated, mix and match, or add some white to tone them down a bit.

colorful dots


#3 Themed – Have a themed party coming up? What better way to really add to your decor than with your dinnerware? It is a small decor that your guests are sure to notice! This beach set is particularly nice because they would be great for a beach home or vacation get away!

beach diff layout          beach no background


#4 Personalization – Not looking for a special occasion? No problem! Just get everyday plates that every member of the family can have. And don’t worry about what to do if one breaks! The personalization is only on one of the plates, so you can just mix and match with others.

mother yellowdad green

daughter red   son blue


#5 Kid Friendly – Of course, not one can forget about our kiddos! They deserve a nice little setting as well. The important thing to keep in mind is to not spend too much here. Make sure to grab something that is going to last through the extra wear and tear that the kids put on them.



#6 Dark and Exciting – Do not be afraid of going dark! Many will stick towards something that is mostly white. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing darker colors, such as navy, black, purples, etc. They are especially great as your base plate. They really ground the whole ensemble.

navy and pattern


#7 Two Toned Patterns – Another great way to add some fun and excitement to your space would be through patterns. There is no set rules for patterns. If something speaks to you, grab it! Everyone has different tastes for patterns. I personally am not a huge fan of lines that don’t have a clean edge. For example, the image below is not my favorite out of all the ones we have talked about so far, but I am sure that it will speak to someone else and is good to include.

rachael ray


#8 Monotone – Multiple colors can be overwhelming for some. Or if you already have a bunch of color in your space, monotone tableware is a good route for you. For me, I classify a dinnerware setting as monotone if it has one color, with the addition of black of white if preferred. Technically white and black are a completely different color, defeating the purpose of monotone, but when it comes to accessories like your table setting I think it is fine.



#9 Solids and Patterns – A reoccurring pattern with dinnerware is the combination of solids and patterns. The reason for this is because of how successful it is! It adds just a bit of variety while still balancing out the whole. It is also easy to customize for your own personal tastes.

solid and pattern


#10 Nature Inspired – Saved the best for last! This one is my personal favorite! I love how the colors are coming from nature, along with the plate design as well. It also uses the idea of negative white space effectively. It would fit in nicely with a contemporary or rustic craftsman style.

nature             nature no background


The main idea is that everyone is different! Some are going to love a bold design that someone else doesn’t, and that is okay! BE CREATIVE! Find something that speaks to you and use that. Hope that you all enjoyed this week’s post! Make sure to come back next week!