How to Incorporate Barn Doors

Barn doors are a huge trend right now in Interior Design! It does not matter where they are located! Barn doors give a feature to a passageway that it did not have before. Whether you are trying to increase the look of a space or the functionality, barn doors could be the answer for you. Just look at some of the examples below!









These two barn doors, pictured above, are added to a second entry. It give something pretty to look at, other than a blank wall. However, most homeowners who have this say their favorite feature is that they can close the doors when they have guests so that no one sees the clutter. This gives the homeowner the functionality that a mudroom can provide, without losing the aesthetics they already have going in the home.



Another common place of clutter is around your T.V. There are numerous cords, movies, games, sound equipment, etc. The list can go on and on. Position barn doors so that easily slide to the desired location. On the top photo, the T.V. is ready to be used and hides anything not being used. On the bottom photo, when the T. V. is not in use it does not become an eye sore on the wall. It is cleverly hidden behind the doors and the accessories have time to shine.


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.16.32 PM

A clever way these builders incorporated barn doors was by placing two doors on perpendicular walls so that they would meet at a common point. This allows the space so switch back and forth between public and private.



Barn doors in front of a pantry bring a new meaning to good looking food! In this scenario, the doors are still functional by keeping the food tucked away when not in use. However, they also become a feature of their own as well. You are sure to have you guests notice this one!










Feeling a little more creative? Consider using barn doors in a different application! In the image on the left, the doors are used as window treatment, rather than a door. The are effective too, cutting out quite a bit of light!



Small accents can also make a big punch! If you have a dutch door, stairs and play rooms are a great place to include these! You can also, create your own dutch door by cutting down a large barn door.

Laundry Room door








Another couple options for barn door placements would be outside an office or laundry room. This is also a great opportunity to try something new. You can play with size, color, and glass to really make it your own.


12-Barn-Door-Projects-that-Will-Make-You-Want-to-Remodel8bedroom barn door








It is super common to see barn doors used in bedrooms. Many will use them as a door to either their ensuite or closet. A great way to make the door more functional is by simply replacing the inside with a mirror panel. However, another great way to incorporate a barn door is by using it as a headboard. It draws more emphasis to the focal feature of a bedroom, the bed.


Hope you found these fun was to incorporate barn doors into your own space useful. Make sure to not only make them aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. There is no point in having a door if you can’t use it! Until next week!