Key Ways to Make Your Small Spacious

The truth of the fact is that we all do not have the money to buy our dream million dollar home. But do not let that get you down! There are PLENTY of greatly designed small spaces! However, the key is to know the tricks to making them feel larger than what they actually are. Check out some clever ways designers hide the size.

Low Furniture – This may not sound useful, but trust me, it makes a bigger difference than you would think. The reason it is so successful is because it lengthens the visual height of the room. And your brain automatically assumes that when a room is taller, it is larger as well. Both of the rooms pictured below are about the size of a small dining room. Another fun thing, low furniture is super comfortable!









Full Length Curtains – This is another visual aesthetic. Along with the low furniture, curtains that drapes down the full length of the wall increase the visual height of the room. These are especially great in smaller bedrooms.









Mirrors – Even if you do not like looking in the mirror, they are your best friend. Mirrors expand the visual width of the space, rather than the height. So instead of your space feeling like an 8’x8′ room, it now feels like a 8’x16′ room. They also reflect a lot of light! Therefore, if you put them across from a window, they are sure to make your space light and bright.



Pull Furniture Away from Walls – Now under no means am I telling you to stick your 8′ sofa in the middle of your living room. Just don’t push it up against the wall. This space can either be purely visual, or you can make it functional like the picture below. The reason this is important is because it is one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners do. It makes it look like you do not have enough space, so you are trying to compensate and make space that you do not have. By bringing it away from the wall, it tells your guest that this room has extra space, psychologically making it fell bigger.



Light and Bright – This is the overall key to success. Light gives a space an openness to it. It resembles nature, and the never-ending space of the outdoors.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 3.42.54 PM


Multi-Functional Pieces – The easiest solution is to find pieces that have more than one purpose. By doing this, you need less “stuff”. In the bedroom pictured below, the closet and the headboard are one piece. This saves space by not needing to build extra walls to close off a space for the closet. Other common example could be storage ottoman. They have the intended use of being a footrest or a seat, but it also practicality  because it can hide items that are not in use.



One Large, Not Multiple Smalls – Majority of homeowners enjoy their large sofas or sectionals. So why get ride of it just because it will fill your entire space? If you are going to use it, keep it! There is no point in getting rid of something that you know your family loves. Just be aware that particular furniture piece will probably be all the fits. Do not try to overcrowd the space with chairs if it makes it difficult to access the room. Let the sectional speak for itself. Maybe add some accent pillows to bring in some color and pattern.

7-2 Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 3.41.14 PM








Monochromatic – This is a personal preference design option. Not everyone is a big fan of using the same color through the entire room. The key is to use different shades and patterns. This is how you create contrast with one hue.

8-2 8-1








Cool Colors Recede – It is not recommended to paint all your walls a dark cool color. Instead of deepening all the walls, it will have the opposite effect and make them feel as if they are converging in.  The best scenario is to highlight one or two walls. It will make the lighter walls feel closer and the cooler ones as further away. I typically recommend painting the wall the is perpendicular to the greater length of your space. This will accentuate the length, make the space feel deeper and larger.

9-1 9-2








Show Them Legs – It think this is just a humorous way to to remember to pick furniture that exposes their legs. This is again, a way to increase visual space. The more of the floor you can see, the more you brain can perceive the area it is taking in. It allows your brain to process the space as larger because it can see further than what it would if the space were covered.



These are all just suggestions, you can personally choose what you would like to follow and what you don’t. If you are just wanting some quick fixes for an existing space, I would suggest light paint colors, full length curtains, and mirrors. These are things that are a little more cost effective. If you are doing a complete remodel then consider designing a monochromatic space. Of course, if you need any help with designing your space, feel free to contact us! We would love to assist you in the design process, big or small!