Money Saving Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

The key to designing a “good” dorm room is personalization! This is literally a home away from home for you kid. It should be a place that they feel safe, comfortable, and free. It should not only reflect them as a being, but also provide all the needed functionality.


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Picture walls can bring those key memories with you to your new space. Almost everyone has a picture frame on a wall, table, desk, or shelf somewhere in their home. Why would you not do the same for your dorm? As I have stated before, a dorm is just another temporary home and should be treated as such. Many will add their own personal touches with the way they display their pictures. An overall collage is a good option, as well as string or lights.


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If you have a large area of blank wall, tapestries could be the answer for you! Perfect for both genders; these large wall coverings can sway either way. They can be tight against the wall to resemble a mural or loose like a curtain. Another pro is all the options there are with tapestries. It is whatever you can find. One person might be into florals, while another would prefer more meaningful like one that reflects those of the past. A great alternative could also be a flag.



Rugs are an easy addition for anyone. Buy a cheap one from Walmart, buy an expensive custom one. It is up to you! They break up the floor pattern and cause your space to stand out from the rest.



Dorms are notorious for their lack of lighting. If you are lucky you will have a light on either side of the room, but many will just have one large fluorescent light smack dab in the middle. All it is really good for is an overall general light. Bring in layers of light to add to the quality of light. Christmas lights strung on the ceiling increase the ambient light to a new level. Desk lamps add to your much needed task lighting and floor lamps give a boost to any area.










What is a great way to make your space feel more like you? Bedding! Sounds stupid, but give it some thought. When you think of a bedroom, what is the first thing you think of? Typically, a bed. And what is the largest item in a dorm room? Exactly! So you shouldn’t just brush it off and buy the first thing you find. Rather, spend time searching for a set that fits you. Layers of pillows, with different textures and patterns, will also help. It gives more depth and attention to the room’s feature.



Curtains can be used in a couple different places. The first is the obvious one, in front of the window. Typically, a dorm will have one window in the center of the room. Usually the college or university will provide some cheap blinds for privacy, but lets be honest, they are not really what you would prefer. Curtains add a touch of home to the room. Another could be in front of the closet, depending on how you access it. Wardrobes typically have their own doors and are too much of a hassle to take off just to put curtains on. If this is you, your best bet is to make the most of it and decorate the outside of your wardrobe. Built-in closets are perfect for curtains.



Add some much needed life to your space through greenery. Now, I am not talking about your fake plastic ones, while still effective (and much less maintenance), you just cannot compare to the real thing. With the creation of Pinterest, comes a huge pool of ideas. A hot trend right now is to stylize your plants. This could be by hanging them rather than sitting, putting them in unsuspecting containers such as lightbulbs, or even creating your own mini garden with the broken pot trend.



What is one thing that everyone has that you cannot change? If you are thinking your door, you are wrong! Decorating your door to fit your personality is a great way for people to learn more about you! If you are an extrovert, put a bold hello on the door! It starts off the conversation to new people. Think you are a comedian? Put a stick figure on your door. Shows off your humor and you are sure to have people stop and ask about it. If neither one of these seem to fit your style, go simple. You cannot go wrong with lines and shapes. Polka dots with circles, geometric shapes with triangles, or architectural detailing with lines.


Don’t be afraid to express yourself. A dorm is your temporary home, so make it look like one! You do not have to spend a ton of money either. Go for big impact statements and small details. The combination of the two should create a cohesive design.