At Home Spa Ideas

National Relaxation Day is Monday, and what better way to honor it then with some spa inspiring images. Whether is a girls’ DIY spa day, custom bathroom retreat, or somewhere in-between, anyone can have a spa like experience right in their very own home.

spa images iff

Pinterest is a great place to find those at home spa treatments on a budget! There is anything from facial masks, to trendy mani/pedi ideas, and refreshing drinks. People from all over post their own combinations for others to try out. When you do not have the money to go out and spend for high end services, at at home night with the girls can be just as memorable.


hot tub

Tranquility. Relaxation. Soothing. Nature can bring out the calm. This indoor hot tub has glass siding walls that bring the outdoor in. Having the view out is a common trend in home spas. There is just something about a beautiful view that makes our body relax.



If you cannot have a million dollar view outside, bring the outside in with materials. Use wood and rock. With the addition of water, you have 3 of nature’s most prominent elements right indoors. These looks can go with many different design styles, from contemporary to traditional. It fits with a simple and clean look and a darker more rustic feel.


outdoor pool for apartments

This snazzy apartment brought the luxury to them. They might not have had a ground to dig into, but they got the pool they wanted. It just shows that your location does not have to be what limits you. Even apartments can be relaxing.


Of course, there are DIY’s that allow you to sit back and relax after you have finished. A quick shower upgrade could be building a teak shower floor mat, pictured above on the left and center. It sits right on top of your current shower floor. No demo needed. Ladies, another super fast DIY that you will love is the over the tub table. Take some time to yourself in a nice warm bubble bath, while reading that novel you cannot put down and drinking a glass of wine. You are sure to be completely relaxed.


collage books

If you do not have time to take on a project, then go small. ACCESSORIZE! You do not even realize how much of a difference it makes until you have done it. Candles are a good go to, as well as anything tropical. Sand, seashells, starfish, lanterns, etc. Than grab that bottle of wine and book again and take some time for yourself.


Hope you all can find the time for yourselves. Take a moment and just relax!