3 Exterior Home Trends That Are Sure To Inspire You This Summer!

There are many different exterior trends going on now, all depending upon your homes’ style and the size of the project you are wanting to tackle. Some projects could be done in a weekend by yourself and others might require some professional assistance. Regardless, you should be inspired and get going on whatever project you have been putting off! Now is the best time to watch your dreams come to fruition. Reach out on social media and show us the before and afters! Now… onto 3 exterior home projects to complete this summer!

PAINTED BRICK/STONE: Do you have brick or a stone on your house or in your landscaping that you are not a fan of, but you don’t want to invest in all new stone? This product made in Italy could be exactly what your looking for! It’s called ROMABIO. It gives a lime wash finish to your existing siding. It leaves a little warmth of your stone/brick coming through so you don’t completely loose all the warmth. The best part is you can put a test spot on to make sure you like the look of it before you commit. What more could you ask for, an easy application and low maintenance exterior change! They have a great video on how it works! Check it out here: https://romabio.com/masonry/limewash/ageless-beauty

CREATING INTEREST: Is the exterior of your home looking a little more cookie cutter than you’d like? Updating exterior lighting and house numbers are a great start, just make sure the scale of these items fit with the size of your home. Most houses’ exterior lights are too small. Another way to add texture is to Incorporate some barn wood. It brings interest to an entry space. Selecting a new front door and garage door can make all the difference in tying everything together – even just a new color painted on goes a long way too! In this image all of the above projects were tackled, a new front door, garage doors, adding barn wood, new exterior wall mounted lighting, a new lantern in the driveway area, as well as a flag pole.

Lynn Khun from Outdoor Transformations was consulted on adding some softer lines to the hardscape areas. Make sure to to check out her website and blog for more details on what to plant inside your hardscape! We cannot forget about the backyard and this one is set up perfectly for outdoor movies with an outdoor grill, a focal point light fixture and timeless, comfortable outdoor furniture. So much inspiration all from this one project. Another tip is to go with a bold front door color if all else fails!

PAINT, ACCENTS & WINDOWS:  If you are considering painting your home, choose timeless muted earthy tones such as this color palette I created form Sherwin Williams. In the image below you can see the before photos, our rendering, and the after photo of the paint colors. Having a rendering created before you update your exterior is a nice thing to see and approve of for peace of mind. 

If you are considering new windows think about going vertical and adding more windows to your space to let as much natural light in as possible.   

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