5 Ways to Mix Patterns into Your Home

We get it—incorporating different patterns into your decorating scheme can be incredibly intimidating. But we promise, with a little insider knowledge you can mix and layer patterned decor successfully like a pro. 

The trick to learning how to get it right is understanding the basic rules. Afterward, you can confidently decide whether you want to break them or not, if you want to make a more bold choice!

What’s the most significant thing you need to know? In general, when layering patterns, it is best to combine prints in different styles and scales. The latter is super important. The most prominent pattern in the room, typically a rug with a colorful pattern, sets the tone for the rest of the space. Afterward, additional layers of complementary or contrasting patterns in smaller sizes will boost visual interest. Those items often include accent pillows, throws, furniture, and curtains. Still Confused? Don’t be, the following ideas share the best ways to mix patterns when decorating.

1. Mixing up the wood tones of your finishes and furniture creates a cool effortless vibe in your space. It feels more organic, and less perfectly planned.

2. Another general rule is that the most prominent pattern in the room should be covering the floor or largest wall space. In this stylish little living room, a rug with an oversized pattern anchors the space. Accent pillows in a mixture of styles and different scale patterns lend to visual interest.

3. Here is another example of how to mix patterns in a white space. The rug, table, and chairs, in this space all feature various patterns and textures. What pulls the look together are the varying yellows and blues tones in the bold artwork that become cohesive with the rest of the design. 

4. To work with nature patterns into your design, try to bring authentic greenery into your home. Plants will not only complement any natural woods throughout your space, but they will also purify the air. 

5. Wallcovering has gone through varying periods of popularity over the years, but it’s definitely “in” right now. Using wallcoverings in your home is such a great way to add pattern and variety in your home. One of our favorite things, is that wallcoverings can be as bold or as subtle as you prefer! This dining room got a total new life with the pattern from the blue and white wallcovering. 

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