Need a Change in 2021? Here are Seven Absolutely Stunning New Color Trends

Ever since the Pandemic first hit, everyone has been stuck inside more than we’d all like to admit. After staring at our home office, bedroom, or living room walls for multiple hours a day, they really begin to feel tired. The paint color you thought was the perfect shade is now looking a bit drab. That rug with the fun-colored tuft is fading and lacking character. Sometimes all it takes is a simple color change to rejuvenate your space; whether that be through a new rug, chair reupholster, new window treatments, or a fresh coat of paint. If you’re looking to bring a change into your home and stay on trend with the current world of design, here is a selection of new color trends that will make any space shine.

1. Cozy Browns

(Image from Italian Bark: design-part1/)

For the past few years, gray has dominated the neutral scene, but brown is making a comeback. Many designers are beginning to see a rise in requests for cozy, warm colors in their homes as opposed to the cool gray hues. Browns ranging from deep, rich browns to light beige tones can create a welcoming space, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa after a long day of work.

2. Aubergine

(Image from Houzzz: contemporary-living-room-los-angeles-phvw-vp~32333158)

An up and coming trend in 2021 is the transformation of homes into a glamorous, luxurious destination. As we continue to travel through the 2020s, people are looking to past decades for inspiration, and appropriately, one of those inspirations is the roaring 20s. Homeowners are looking to bring that luxurious lifestyle back into play with glamorous colors such as aubergine, or as we commonly call it, eggplant. This rich shade of purple makes a bold statement in any part of the home. It can read as a neutral in a space, but packs a moody punch which is highly sought after this year.

3. Earth Tones

(Image from Italian Bark: tones-brown-color-trend-interiors/)

As brown begins to dominate color trends in 2021, so do all of the other earth tones. These range from browns to burnt oranges, and forest greens to harvest golds. The popularity of this trend stems from the growing popularity of biophilic design, and the emphasis on the importance of our natural world. Earth tones are perfect to bring into any space to help us feel grounded and connected to the world. Introducing this palette into your home exudes comfort and helps satisfy cravings for the great outdoors.

4. Pastels

(Image from Italian Bark: trends-pantone/)

During this seriously chaotic past year, interiors are longing for pleasure and enjoyment through playful colors. A fresh, pastel palette reflects many of our cravings for hope and optimism this year. After such a depressive period in the world, creativity and fantasy are being highly suggested by many interior designers. A pastel palette doesn’t have to look as bright as the palette pictured above, but even bringing in just a tinge of blush, or seafoam green into a space can really make a difference.

5. Neutrals

(Image from Italian Bark: with-nature-biophilic-design/)

Strongly opposing the pastel trend, are those who prefer to keep the interior simple and color-free. Many designers are opting to create a simplistic interior that will never go out of style. Instead of dousing up a color storm, some consider white and light neutrals to be the new color. They keep spaces restful and grounded in the face of an intense year. Spaces like the one pictured above greatly benefit from keeping the colors airy and non-dominating.

6. Calming Blues

(Image from Cambria Inspiration Gallery:!/?layoutIndex=1)

Going along with the restful neutral scene, calming blues are also on the rise. Blues have never gone out of style, but now they’re being used more than ever. In a time where we hardly get to feel relaxed, bringing a blue into your space can soothe the soul which so many homeowners are looking for right now. From a deep accent blue to a light blue mist, this color can be used on any wall, furniture piece, cabinet, rug, etc. and bring in a lovely bit of color, not too jarring to the eye. It can create harmony within a space and invites people to reflect and reset.

7. Yellows

(Image from Italian Bark: interiors-pantone-2021-color-of-the-year/)

Stemming from Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a yellow trend is coming to life. In the past, yellow has been a color most homeowners have shied away from. It is a bold statement, but can be absolutely fabulous if done right. Yellow can really brighten up a space and radiate freshness and energy. It really is the perfect color to refresh a tired space and move on to a state of joy and optimism in this year.

The colors you bring into your home can directly affect your level of productivity, energy, mood, and overall emotion. With that in mind, make sure to choose colors that reflect what you want your home to feel like – whether that’s playful, relaxing, or grounded. If you need a little help, reach out to Elizabeth Erin Designs and our designers will help you figure out the perfect new colors to change up your space!

We are blessed to employee some of the best up and coming interior designers in training!  This blog was written by Aimee Wallner, Sr. at ISU Interior Design Program and edited by Jodi Peterman.  Fantastic job Aimee!