Which One Is Better For Luxury Staging AND Why

Okay, so I might have tricked you with the title there. Sectional vs double sofa, there is no clear winner on which one to use overall. They each have their ideal scenario on when they work the best. Generally I lean towards sectionals for lower level spaces and larger stagings or show homes and sofas for our “day-to-day” stagings. This is primarily because of the ease of using, storing, and designing with double sofas.

Sectionals biggest downfall is also their biggest strength. They are significantly larger in scale, filling a space with ease. However, since they do take up so much space, they are also difficult for us as stagers to store and reuse. Most spaces that we are brought in to stage are not conducive with sectionals. There is no break from one end of the sectional to the other end. If there is only one entry point into the space, then sectionals can cut off the flow of traffic into the room which is highly important when staging a property. If potential buyer’s cannot easily enter and exit a room they are less likely to have a positive memory of the house after they leave. They also tend to think that spaces are too small when there is not an easy traffic pattern to the house.

Double sofas on the other hand, are great at opening up traffic patterns. You can place them so they are adjacent to each other, forming an “L,” or across from each other. We have even placed matching sofas back to back in larger entertainment or commercials spaces. The key that makes them better for opening up traffic flow is that they are two separate free-standing pieces, meaning there is a physical space for potential buyers to walk around each piece. Now, instead of only being able to walk into the space from one entry point, there can be two, from either side of the sofa. 

In some luxury homes when there are two living spaces, a more formal sitting area and a more lounge family space, double sofas can be utilized by facing each other in the formal sitting area, while a sectional better shapes the purpose of the living room. Each have their place where they shine, depending on the size, function, and layout of the room in question. 

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