Quick and Simple Home Accent Ideas to Update Your Space

An accent pillow, artwork, or a few pieces of hardware can make a room feel new again. Contact us for help by phone or email. Try these and be sure to send us your pics!

1.Accent pillows are one of the items in your home that can change an entire space! They’re so easy to find and to switch out for each season or toss to the side when you get tired of them. Accent pillows also pull in colors or themes that your home carries!

2. Artwork is also one of those items that can change how an entire space looks. If you have old, outdated artwork that you’re wanting to switch out, try modernizing the space by adding abstract paintings! Many abstract paintings have beautiful colors that will draw viewer’s eyes in. If color isn’t your thing, there’s also some simpler black and white artwork pieces!

3. Many people don’t think of changing out their hardware pieces when trying to updating their space, but it’s definitely a game changer if your tired of your hardware or if its outdated! There’s so many unique hardware on the market these days that you won’t likely find the same in someone else’s home.

We hope that these suggestions aren’t just helpful, but that they’re also economical suggestions that most people don’t even think of when trying to update spaces. If you try any of these, please send us your pics! We can’t wait to see what you’ve done!!