How To Keep Your Entry Clean This Winter

The midwest has definitely blessed us this year in terms of the unseasonably warm weather; but, let’s get a jump on the ominous cold weather we all know is approaching. We are no stranger to the blistering cold and blizzard weather here in Iowa. One thing that does manage to escape some people’s minds, is how exactly to keep their house free and clear of the outside elements getting in. Snow riddled shoes tracking in all the salt and sand is every homeowner’s nightmare. Today, we wanted to share five tips on how we combat the winter months and keep our entry way tidy.

Store Shoes Out Of Sight

No matter the time of year, shoes are never pretty to look at. Winter weather just makes open shoe storage even less appealing with the sand/salt spreading everywhere and the snow/ice melting all over your floor. This is why we always think it’s best to store your shoes out of sight.  Getting all your shoes and all your inevitable guest’s shoes out of sight this holiday season will greatly improve the look and cleanliness of your entry.

Hang Jackets Immediately 

Not only is putting everyone’s jackets away in a closet going to visually improve the look of your entry; but, it will also keep the melting snow and ice off of your floors. Hang up everyone’s jackets immediately so they stay out of sight and do all of their melting in a small closet. It’s far easier to clean the floor of a small closet than your whole entry.

Store Swiffer in Your Entry Closet

During the cold weather months, it may be wise to move your Swiffer from it’s original spot to your entry closet. This way you have an easy no-excuse reason to keep up on the cleanliness of your entry. We love Swiffers for this purpose of easy clean up and stowaway!

Natural Front Porch Ice Melter DIY

This DIY is ingenious and we highly recommend you all give it a try this winter season. Just mix the following :

  • 1 teaspoon of dawn dish soap
  • 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol
  • 1/2 gallon of warm water

This mixture will eliminate the ice you currently have on your stoop and prevent it from refreezing! Not only is that great news for your front stoop but it also helps prevent guests from dragging in all the snow and ice from outside.

Invest in a Good Quality Rug

Lastly, we always recommend investing in a good quality entry rug. If you purchase a good indoor/outdoor rug, you will significantly make an improvement on the amount of dirt, snow, ice, etc. that gets tracked into your home. We recommend having a good quality rug on the outside of your home on your front stoop, as well as, just inside the door. It is well worth the investment!

Leave us a comment below and tell us how you keep your entry tidy during the winter months!