A Glimpse Into Where Our Designers Draw Creative Inspiration From…

Interior design is a very creative profession, and designers often have to draw creative inspiration from the things, places, and people around us. Outside inspo elevates our designs and helps bring out our full potential. The right inspiration combined with our design expertise, usually ends with a jaw-dropping end result for a project. Ever wondered where EED Designers gather and draw inspiration from? 

Ashtyn find her inspiration by saving photos on Pinterest or instagram! “People are always posting great photos and material flat lays that inspire me when I am designing my own spaces. I also find a lot of inspiration in the demographic I am designing for. I ask myself what do these people like, wear, do, etc. Once I have my inspiration pulled, I make mood boards to capture the overall essence I want my design to have.” 

Marah begins gathering inspiration by taking a quick scroll through Pinterest or Google Images, and collecting a few quality images that apply to the project. Then, I usually bounce a few ideas off of my coworkers before I get into the nitty gritty of the design. This is a great way to stir up productive inspiration – collaboration leads to successful ideas and fantastic end results our clients are sure to love!

Jodi says, “I draw inspiration for my projects from the architectural details of the buildings, the company’s branding, the location of each project and what I feel will be trending or a little ahead of trends. My projects can take 4months to 1.5 year to come to fruition!” 

Sometimes, designers find inspiration in unique places, like shows or movies, museums, books, etc. Our designer, Katie, finds inspiration in everything – “Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! It is all around us. The key is opening our eyes and mind to think of things outside the box and see the beauty around every turn. I love finding an idea or item randomly and drawing my inspiration for a design idea from there. This could be through travel, a magazine, online, nature, etc.”

As you can see, designers draw inspiration from a wide variety of places and avenues. But matter of the fact is, designers always need and THRIVE off of inspiration. Interior design is a very creative field, and is not for the unimaginative. Do you need help finding inspiration for your next project or home renovation? Contact us today at office@elizabetherindesigns.com or at 515-986-1895 and we would be honored to assist you in achieving your vision. 

Have a great day,
Marah Schmitz