April Showers Bring May Flowers: EED’s Favorite Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

Happy May everyone! We are so glad to see the month of May – and the warmer temps we hope accompany it. Now that spring is well underway and the summer months are approaching, we can’t help but think of flowers, sunshine, cool breezes, and days spent near water. Although these months can be great to get outside and enjoy some nature, why not consider bringing those aspects inside so you can enjoy them year round?

Biophilic Design is a method which seeks to connect homeowners more closely to nature. Incorporating biophilia can reduce tension and anxiety while improving creativity and personal well-being – pretty simple to understand why this is such a sought after trend. Nevertheless, we, as designers, are frequently asked how exactly to accomplish this in a single-family home. Our clients and friends often wonder which ways are best to bring nature indoors – here’s a few dependable ways to make your home more feel more connected to nature.

First, incorporate plants – simple as that. Lots of plants, just a few – you get the picture. This option is pretty customizable to your personal preferences. If you have a green thumb, plant away! If you are anything like me and you don’t have time to take care of plants, faux greenery or faux florals might be the route for you. 

If you feel like you have too many plants on the floor or tabletop surfaces, think outside the box by incorporating biophilia on your walls. Three great ways to do this – the first is by simply hanging plants or succulents. Check out this photo of some of our favorite wall-mounted succulents. We love using these pieces in stagings because of the way they quickly liven up the space. 

The second way to put nature on your walls is by using a faux-moss wall. While this option can come with a larger price tag, we LOVE the way it revives a space. Checkout these installation photos of a moss wall we did in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The moss looks and feels SO real, and we love how it turned this otherwise boring entry space from drab to fab!

The third way is to imitate nature on walls is by using a floral patterned wallpaper. Florals and wallpaper – two of an interior designers favorite things! These designs are popular, colorful, organic, and endless. If you are looking for low commitment, consider peel & stick wall covering. Some of our favorite vendors are Loomwell, Love vs. Design, and Tempaper. Contact us if you need a recommendation for a wallpaper installer or need some assistance in selecting your perfect floral pattern.

One last easy way to bring the outdoors in is by simply allowing more natural light to entire your home during the day. If you have windows, keep those shades up or remove clunky blinds. Embrace the daylight if possible, and it’s a bonus that natural light is proven to increase focus, save energy/money, and boost your immune system.

I hope this blog proved that incorporating biophilia in your home is an easy and accomplishable task which will vastly improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Did you enjoy this blog about biophilia and nature designs indoors? Read our past blogs that dive further into this topic: Startling Inspiration, Finding Design In Nature AND Feeling A Disconnect From Life Lately? Incorporate A Little Biophilic Design To Reconnect & Rejuvenate!

Have a topic you’d like to hear about in a future blog? Contact us by email (office@elizabetherindesigns.com) or by phone (515-986-1895). Have a wonderful week – get outside and enjoy the outdoors (or bring it inside if you so choose). 

– Marah Schmitz, EED Assistant Designer