Feeling A Disconnect From Life Lately? Incorporate A Little Biophilic Design To Reconnect & Rejuvenate!

Biophilic design is a new trend on the horizon that allows you to implement as many sustainable and eco-friendly aspects as you want into your spaces, while keeping your own design style.  Biophilia has been proven to reduce stress, increase memory, creativity and wellbeing. This design trend came out of necessity with everything that happened with the Pandemic and its aftermath.  

Humans crave balance. Some of us may have had impressionable things happen to us or suffer from PTSD, in which we have been trained that living/functioning in a state of chaos is normal, but it is not.  We need to re-train ourselves that balance, calm, and peace is normal. This will make it so we don’t constantly seek out that which puts us into the state of chaos all the time, because it’s what we associate with normal these days. Adding in Biophilic design will help remind us that crazy is not normal. 

Biophilia centers us by helping us reconnect our lives with our homes, sustainability, and nature.  There are some key identifying factors of Biophilic design: using organic shapes, nature inspired colors, natural light, greenery, and sustainable choices.  

Organic images, represented in Biophilic design, come in many shapes and sizes.  The shape sand takes in the waves, buzzy bee hives or the rings in a section of a tree trunk.  

The colors of Biophilia are warm earth tones, greens and blues.  

Let in all the light!  Sunlight not only helps with seasonal depression, but also provides your skin with vitamin D from the suns rays to absorb and use within our bodies. This nutrient is crucial in helping improve our sleep!

When in doubt add in some greenery.  If you are like me, and cannot keep a plant alive to save your life, you can use an indirect option and choose faux greenery.

Sustainability is leading the way in many design decisions.  Cork is a go to product, adding thermal properties and acoustical value to any space. Themosaics reclaimed wood is another option for adding in wow factor, earthy colors and your geometric patterns.

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