Verdict : Mixing Wood Tones

Every Monday morning on Instagram, you can head to our profile and watch our “Meet the Designer” series on our stories. Each Monday, we answer questions from our faithful viewers who come to us with design-related questions. It’s a series we all enjoy doing here at the office. It’s a chance for our followers and viewers to ask us a quick question and we answer with either a written response or a video!

A while back, we had a follower on Instagram ask us if it’s “still okay to mix wood tones.” There are certainly mixed opinions regarding the subject, but overall, we came to the conclusion in our videos that as long as it’s done correctly, mixing wood tones can be absolutely beautiful! So, read on to see how we responded. Scroll past our responses to check out some projects where the clients’ spaces have mixed wood tones! We’re sure you’ll find something you love!

Jodi: “Mixing wood tones is unavoidable in interior design. It’s a way to tell your story and differentiate yourself and design style from everyone else. The key is to create continuity through wood tone, grain, and finish.

Katie: “The short answer would be: yes, you can absolutely mix wood tones and there’s a lot of different ways you can do this. My super simple way is: I love to mix high contrasting tones. So, I love to mix the darker ones with the lighter ones, and it really makes them pop rather than the ones that are similar shades.”

Lexi: “I’d say so!” (Her responses are always super short and to the point!)

Sammi: “When it comes to mixing wood tones, it’s absolutely okay to do; you don’t want wood tones to be matchy-matchy, just like you don’t want your furniture to be matchy-matchy. It’s much better to have something draw your eyes to than to have a flat color pallet where your eye doesn’t know where to go because there’s not a whole lot to look at. So, mixing wood tones is definitely still okay to do!”

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Staging done in Waukee for Affinity Homes.

Staging in Ankeny for a private homeowner.

Staging done in Waukee for Affinity Homes.

Designed in Altoona by Elizabeth Erin Designs with Kruse Development. Staging done by Elizabeth Erin Designs.

Staging in Ankeny for Danielle Seifert, realtor for Caliber Homes.

Staging done in Waukee for Affinity Homes.

Bedroom vignette at our showroom.

Remodel designed by Elizabeth Erin Designs.