Virtual Home Staging : What is it?

We are very excited to announce our very brand new service : Virtual Staging! Now, you know we offer Virtual Design and have read about it in previous blogs and have seen it all over our social media outlets… So the question is : What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging, our newest design service, is staging that is done all remotely from our office. That means : no movers, no physical furniture, economically-friendly, and an efficient way to attract buyers to your market.

Although this service isn’t up and running on our website yet, we’ve had several inquiries for this service. Why? Because it’s the hottest thing on the market as far as staging goes.

In our virtual stagings, we use our to-the-trade vendors to come up with a curated collection of furniture and decor that fits the style of each individual home. No two virtual stagings will ever look the same.

How do we virtual stage?

I’m so glad you asked 😉 Realtors or home builders send us up to 5 photos of their listing. It could be an office, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, game room, sunroom; literally any main space in a home. Once we have a photo of the room, we open up our creative abilities and place furniture, accessories, and window treatments into the image. We tweak the photos ever so slightly to add shadows, highlights, etc., to make the room look like it is physically staged.

My favorite part about virtual staging is that if your client absolutely loves the furniture and accessories that we place in the images, they can purchase the product directly through us. This is a win-win situation because your client loves the house you showed them so much and will more than likely purchase the home because of the virtual staging, that they also purchase the furniture from us. You earn a profit, we earn a profit. It’s really the best marriage in both worlds.

*Images have been virtually staged by Elizabeth Erin Designs. The furniture, decorations, and/or fixtures depicted in the image may or may not be actually present.*