Woodside Estates Remodel – The First Option Isn’t Always The Best Option

Amazing design isn’t achieved overnight, anyone can tell you that. This particular remodel holds true to that testament, with a full year turnaround time from start to finish. Now, I’ll stop your wild thoughts right here and tell you that their home was NOT a construction site for a year. No, no, no. From the beginning consultation, throughout the design process, through breaks for family events/holidays, more design, all the way through the remodel – one year’s time passed. In our line of work, this is far from uncommon. The design process takes as long, perhaps longer in some cases, than the actual process of remodeling. We want to ensure you have everything you need BEFORE tearing into anything in your home. So the design process is filled with all the nitty-gritty decisions and numerous options to achieve an amazing design & a happy client.

This particular client was going for a partial main floor remodel; meaning, a brand new kitchen paired with new flooring, trim, and paint throughout most of the main living spaces. No small feat! The kitchen being the main focus of the project lead most of the decisions & options to encompass that space. One of the biggest tasks to take on is the cabinet layout. Our job is to make sure 1) it looks aesthetically pleasing but 2) that it actually works with how the client lives. Clear communication between designer and client makes these large decisions far easier for both parties than trying to tackle it on their own. There was much discussion for months about cabinet layout and placement of their utensils within the kitchen. While larger discussions like these were happening, there were smaller decisions that needed to be made in the meantime.

As it’s clear this is not the final layout that was chosen, it was the most current at the time and the best way to show backsplash design so the client could really envision it coming together. Ultimately, the more simplistic design was chosen. The client loved the subway tile but feared a standard installation was going to be too boring. A fun basketweave adds interest without busying up the backsplash.

Another decision that was made revolved around the flooring. The client had fallen in love with the multi-tone flooring planks that have been becoming more and more popular. However, the current options on the market didn’t have the tones that really spoke to this project. When in doubt, make your own! We used the same manufacturer & collection but ordered three different complimenting colors. The installers did a fantastic job blending the three seamlessly and now you would never known they weren’t originally intended to be used in unison!

Lighting is a huge part of your home, whether or not you realize it; so, a great deal of thought gets put into lighting. Task lighting and ambient lighting is straightforward with our experience and portfolio. When it comes to the accent lighting, that’s where it becomes a team effort between client and designer. There were a few options chosen for the accent lighting over the island; however, nothing really stood out amongst the many. The best choice here was to go with a custom piece! And we cannot stress how thrilled we are that the decision to go custom was the option chosen. The custom light pairs perfectly with the design, the flooring, and ties together the family room mantle with the kitchen. A stunning, well-thought out option.

Remodel projects don’t happen overnight and it is always so satisfying to see them come full circle. Nothing beats the feeling of closing the door of a major project with a satisfied client and amazing design they can cherished and grow in for years to come. The decisions and options made along the way reinstate the fact that details matter and no small detail is ever too small to contemplate. Always weigh your options and look through the options because odds are, your first option is hardly your best.