What to Update when Selling your Home

Contrary to what people believe, the housing market is actually doing really well this year. It’s the perfect time to buy or sell your home. But what should you do before you sell your home? There are three rooms that buyers always make comments on when they are going through homes that they think should be updated: Kitchen, Bathroom, and Master Bedroom + Ensuite.


Sometimes the kitchen only needs a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and some new flooring. Other times the issue is bigger than that. If you have cabinets that are falling apart or hinges that don’t work, etc., it’s time to look into fixing those issues. The average buyer doesn’t want to take the time into renovating a house after they purchased. They want all the issues solved, or at least the bigger issues like cabinets falling apart, fixed. Sometimes reconfiguring the whole space is what a kitchen update is in need of. Maybe it’s knocking  down the wall the kitchen shares with the living room to make the spaces feel bigger and more open. Updating the entire kitchen may seem daunting, but really investing in your home before you sell can make or break how long your house will be on the market for.


Another space buyers look at to determine if they want the house or not is the bathroom. Many people love having the extra counter space or an extra sink in the bathroom. A clean, working toilet is also a determining factor. Keep the bathroom light and bright. If it feels more open, the bathroom will appear bigger than it really is.

Master Bedroom + Ensuite:

People love the feeling of their master bedroom being their retreat after a long day. It’s the place they want to unwind and have a restful sleep. A fresh coat of paint and new flooring can go a really long way. A neutral greige color with hardwoods or a coordinating carpet livens up the space quickly. Buyers like seeing that their sleeping space has space: enough for a queen-king sized bed, a dresser, side tables, and an accent chair and/or bench – all elements that make a space feel welcoming and cozy. The ensuite is another determining factor that nearly all buyers are looking for when buying a home. If it’s feasible to create an ensuite for the master, do that. If it’s not feasible, make sure the closest bathroom to the master is updated to the standards you would enjoy having, but by keeping it pretty basic.

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