Virtually Designing The Winter Aesthetic

The winter aesthetic has more than likely overstayed it’s welcome this year; but, if there is anything to change your tune, it’s a nursery. This adorable nursery came together within a month from design start to placing the finishing details, which is always a good thing when your baby maker is on a timeline! Our Virtual Design service made this project easy to complete, affordable, & offered quick ship items to give our clients the very best.

We always start our virtual design projects with a little client design questionnaire and some inspiration pictures to get an idea of what the client is envisioning for their space. The running theme throughout the inspiration photos the client shared was a woodland/outdoorsy aesthetic. Thus, the mountain theme was born! A combination of geometric mountainous shapes used in unison with the softer textures and furs created a cozy, yet modern, design.

One of the biggest things, besides the essentials, the client wanted to look at was an accent wall to make sure the nursery was a unique space for their new little munchkin. Instead of an accent paint color or a wallpaper, methods that we have seen time and time again, we opted for a 3D trim detail. On one of the walls, the client’s handy hubby was able to create a mountainous shape with 1×2 pieces of wood. This whole wall was then painted an accent color to dial down the trim. The concept of this wall was to be more of a textured element than high impact, which is why the wall AND the trim we decided to paint.

As for the rest of the furniture, one thing we like to keep in mind is the fact that things change. Bigger pieces of furniture we tend to keep more neutral so if tastes change & the clients decide to switch up the style down the road, most all the pieces can transition with their tastes. You’ll see this convertible crib, dresser, and light fixture are all neutral to transition as the child grows up.

Smaller, easier to change pieces such as the window treatments, bedding, and the rug were designed to fit the current aesthetic of the room. Those items are easy and relatively inexpensive to change in the future. They add so much to the design and really make the space unique and give the feeling of home. However, they can easily be swapped out to give that feeling in the future with alternative pieces.

Let’s talk about the layout of the space. This is definitely not your standard room! The niches and angular walls definitely posed an interesting question, “How do you best use this space?” This question had been throwing our clients for a trip for awhile before deciding to use this space as a nursery. This is probably one of the bigger reasons people use our virtual design service. With dimensions from you, we can reimagine your space BEFORE you buy furniture. This is a huge money saver (not all returns are free) and a huge time saver. Having the layout makes envisioning the space easier & makes arranging the room 100x easier once all your furniture arrives! We always recommend adding the floor plan feature to your virtual design package.

With the right tools, a beautiful space doesn’t need to take months to put together. With the inspiration board, floor plan, and the order sheet, the client was able to get a quick and affordable design finished before the baby’s arrival! We always boast about how having the full order sheet makes it easier for you to phase out the design & purchase pieces as your budget allows. What we never thought to talk about is how fast and easy it makes it to order everything all at once! Sure, you lose your patio in a sea of delivery boxes, but your professionally designed room can arrive in weeks (or less)!

We were so happy to work with this amazing couple and wish them and their new munchkin all the best. We are beyond ecstatic with how their space turned out and they are too!