Don’t be a victim! Stop overpaying for remodel projects and get control of your budget!

We use the Ensure Eased Design (EED) Process when we approach our clients projects no matter what stage the project is in. Using this process ensures that our clients are put at ease durning a remodel, refresh or new construction project.  The EED Process puts our clients in control of where their budget dollars get spent. Instead of working off allowance, we give our clients a detailed plan of all finish selections BEFORE you purchase anything.  This allows our clients to get bids and make changes to the designs without plenty of re-stocking fees, change orders and delays.  Our clients work with our professional designers to get their sub-contractors or builders actual designs/selections that they have approved before they purchase or sign off on a single item.  This allows for accurate bids so changes can be made and for our clients to control their budget dollars on what is the most important to them!

This process was created specifically for any scale of new construction or remodel project, for anyone, home owners or builders who want to keep control of their budget.  The EED Process provides an excellent client experience when implemented well BEFORE a contractor is selected to complete the work because it allows contractors to give you real numbers instead of working off allowances.  Did you know that by not using the EED process, 85%+ of clients end up going over budget by 20%+ !  The investment on hiring Elizabeth Erin Designs is much less than going over budget!

The EED Process starts with a complimentary 30 min consultation with me either virtually or in-person at our office to understand the scope of your project so we can provide bids with three options.  When you select one of the bid options a contract and invoice will be emailed to you. Once we receive the signed contract and deposit, a designer is selected specifically for your project and an appointment is scheduled for you to meet!  Two-Three weeks later, another appointment with your designer is scheduled to review your design binder , containing all the documents you and your builder will need, along with all samples of the selections. Any changes can be discussed at this time, revisions will be made to all the documents that make up your binder. The balance of the design fee is due at this time. Your binder will be the key to reach out to contractors to get apple to apple bids.  Once you have all the bids back, you can meet with your designer again and make further adjustments to get you in budget or discuss anything new that may have come up while you were getting bids.

30 Minute Zoom Consultation
30 Minute in Person Consultation

Overall, when you use the EED process, you’re ensuring that your mind is put at ease through the entire building or remodeling process because you chose to invest wisely into making sure the selections and finishes are in line with the vision you have for your project, thus, saving you money and keeping you on budget!  We hope you enjoyed learning about the EED Process and hope that you think of us for your next project so we can help achieve your vision! Thank you!  

Designer meets with clients in the showroom to present selections
Designer shows client selections
Selections can be reselected to achieve your vision
Designer will meet with clients in their home to take pictures and understand the project more
Designer makes selections and creates documents to provide to the client

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