Decorating With Trays – The Universal Tool

When staging and decorating, it is very easy to stick to the same old things. We’ve found a couple different ways to spice up our projects, our stagings, and our own homes!

Trays and bowls are some of the easiest pieces to accessorize with. Lately, we’ve gotten a little creative with how we use our trays, bowls, and even cutting boards during stagings! A simple tray with a couple of wine bottles and glasses is perfect for a small get together with friends! (But don’t forget to bring the wine cork!)

Another EED tray favorite is bathroom trays! We used to rely strictly on greenery and florals, but once we figured out this trick we stuck with it! Simply roll a couple hand towels or wash cloths, add a grass ball and maybe some soap, and you’re done! It’s a super clean and easy way to dress up your bathroom before you have guests over!

Now, I know it may seem like coffee tables are meant for kicking up your feet on BUT, try doing that when theres a beautiful tray there! No matter the shape, color, or size of your coffee table, a tray with accessories can make or break the space! We use books to add a neutral color, a vase to add a pop of color, and of course a greenery or floral! It really brings a room together!

So, as easy as it is to throw some magazines on your tray, remember these few ideas to WOW your guests! Check out some other ways that we use trays throughout our homes.