EED’s Favorite Store Pieces

Having a store front and showroom is such a wonderful blessing. However, being surrounded by all of these beautiful pieces every day is a non-stop battle trying to resist the urge to buy one of everything! As designers surrounded by all these amazing pieces, you can imagine the inner turmoil we are in. So, we decided to play a fun game in the studio. We each selected a piece that, if we had the chance, we would take home in a heartbeat!

Keep scrolling to see our team member’s favorite pieces; then, stop on in to pick out your own favorites! Come see us at 3296 NW Prairie Lane in Des Moines. We can’t wait to show you everything we have in stock!

Jodi’s Pick – Criteria Greeting Desk

Lexi’s Pick – Vintage Skull

Katie’s Pick – Countess Stool

Alyssa’s Pick – Sasha Swivel Chairs

Hannah’s Pick – B.S. Trading’s Fur Ottoman